I don’t really know my IQ. Do you know yours? I’ve always taken tests for this, but I never really got a concrete numerical value to measure my own brain functions and abilities and compare it among others’.

The last time I took one was for my previous company/employer. Despite not getting a value between 75-140+in the end, our trainer was very kind enough, not to mention, very analytical to tell us exactly what types of personalities we have based on the  lengthy and extremely enduring tests we took. Unfortunately, that’s not what I am aiming for now.

I’m more curious of my intellectual capacity, but I never took the time to take an IQ test on my own because all along, I thought that it would take hours before I figure that one out.

Good thing, I found out that you can get your IQ test results in minutes. So I finally gathered up the courage to take one today through this free Highly Accurate Online IQ Test.

Thanks to this site, I learned that an

IQ test does not attempt to measure the amount of information you have learned but rather your capacity to learn.

I also found out just now that…

our IQ remains relatively fixed throughout our lives. One aspect IQ tests measure is what’s known as fluid intelligence. It describes your ability to solve abstract problems which do not depend upon skills and knowledge you’ve learned in the past. This part of your intelligence was always believed to be fixed. No matter the amount of learning or training you undertook your fluid intelligence remained constant for the duration of your life.

Like I said, it was unbelievably quick. So quick, that in some parts, I never even got the chance to blink before moving on to the next one. I’m not sure how accurate the results this test yielded exactly with the questionable time limit and all, but I did get the answers I was looking for and boy, was I surprised!

The whole test took about 5 minutes and I got a whopping IQ of 101. Apparently, 2/3 of the population’s IQ fall in between 85-115. 5% gets a score above 125 and another 5% scores below 75. Thanks Wikipedia!

Among those who scored 140 above were Sharon Stone, Quentin Tarantino, Hillary Clinton and thanks to my friend who introduced me to Stephen W. Hawking last night, I get to include him here as well.

mars IQ test july 25

Anyway, I always thought I would score below 100 because you know, low self esteem, but seeing that I got a 101, I kind of hoped I could have scored a little over 110! LOL, but what surprised me more was the fact that my left brain (BOOOHOOO!) scored higher than my right brain!!!

I must admit, I’d like to think of myself as more creative than logical so it came as a shock to me to find out it was the other way around. Of course, I have to blame it on the time limit or lack of sleep, just like everyone else did, justifying their terrible scores on the comments section. To be fair though, the logic tests really took a while compared to the 10 second-mathematical problems. haha!


Although the test results came as a surprise to me, I’m happy that now, I can finally walk around with a concrete figure to slap in people’s faces. JK!

Kidding aside, it was very helpful to find out my strengths and weaknesses and what steps I can take to improve on the latter. I had a swell time doing the “odd one out” test (who doesn’t?), the “creative” test wherein you have to think of a word to attach before or after the 3 given words to form whole new words and the “perception” test wherein you have to check as fast as you can which number’s missing from 0-9 and which letters were duplicated in the given sets of numbers and letters. Good brain and eye exercises, I must say!

It also feels good to know (and a good self esteem booster at that) where you’re really good at and where you probably should focus more on.

P.S. I gave the test another go and scored 104. Unfortunately that’s as high as I’m ever going to get (for now hehe) and too bad, my left brain score also got even higher than the first time. What a waste. CHOSSS!