The Sunday Currently, Volume 13

I haven’t written anything in a long time, to think that so much has happened and I have all the time in the world to do so.
So first things first, TSC! I missed doing this! For the past weeks, every single time I remember doing it, it’s either too early or too late, so I better do this before Sunday ends again!
R E A D I N G  an article my brother sent me a few days ago, “24 Super Fun Things to Do in Tokyo on Your Very First Visit” because we’re all so excited and obviously, it would be our first time to go to Japaaaan!
W R I T I N G  nothing except this blog entry. Ok, maybe I should really finish filling out my Visa application form.
L I S T E N I N G  to really upbeat songs: JT’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too” and Coldplay’s “Up & Up” on repeat, coz I need to! These have been making me feel good the past days!
T H I N K I N G  of jogging in the morning starting tomorrow, while I’m still unemployed.
S M E L L I N G  cigarette smoke
W I S H I N G  I could have been more honest
W E A R I N G  the smallest pieces of clothing I own because it’s still toooo hooooot in PINAS!
L O V I N G  the music video of Coldplay’s “Up & Up”. It reminds me so much of digital collage art!!
W A N T I N G  to join the digital collage exhibit! I have got to make new collages right now before it’s too late!
N E E D I N G  some peace of mind!
F E E L I N G  regretful, but I need to move on.

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