On The Off Chance / Zombie Apocalypse

My body is feeling sore fighting off zombies…….in my dream. It all felt real to me though, manning a machine gun with both hands, fingers pressed hard on both triggers, heart rate surpassing the normal 100bpm, screaming like a girl, but trying so hard to take the pitch a few notches down to give off a bad-ass vibe, arduously taking aim at the flesh-eating undead, specifically for their heads….Oooops! That wasn’t a dream, was it? We really did fight off zombies in 3D, Joey and I, but it wasn’t why my body hurts so bad.

looks like Joey’s having so much fun here!

I’m feeling all sore from all those FITNESS MARSHALL dance workouts I’ve been currently hooked to. I’ve been a big fan of these easily-choreographed exercises since I discovered Lauren Fitz of CLUB FITzso working out wasn’t as hard as I used to think it was, with all the fun, contemporary music they incorporated these exercises into. The end product isn’t as exciting…yet, but I’ll get by knowing my body benefits little by little, and soon all the pain won’t matter when I get the toned body I’m aiming for.

I’ve been working out from time to time to shake off all the junk I can never rid myself of. Another thing I cannot brush off is the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. (See what I did there and how it all comes together now? :P) – please don’t judge me yet!

Yesterday, I went out with my friend Joey and we saw the second installment in the Maze Runner Saga, The Scorch Trials. I might spoil this a bit but you should’ve known that by know, hence the title. Anyway I did see about 80% of the Maze Runner while waiting for my turn at the doctor’s office, so I did have my own thoughts of what the “flare” might be (I had no idea what the movie was about before watching it), so I had an inkling that it must be a zombie apocalypse of some sort.

That inkling was justified by the first scene on the 2nd movie, where you can see the kids being rescued from a bunch of shadowy figures running with that characteristic, awkward posture often associated with the undead.

Anyhow, it did turn out to be another zombie movie, which made it a hell lot of fun (for me, it was more exciting than the first movie was). I often caught myself sinking slowly into my seat and blurting out cuss words, like I always do in such situations. I also enjoyed all the action sequences because I always liked imagining myself a part of these fictitious, gut-wrenching, apocalyptic films.

I remember I had a chance to try how to shoot a gun (well a gun with pea-sized bullets) in a slightly challenging shooting range and I’m proud to say I managed to shoot everything effortlessly, missing only one or two targets during the whole game. The manager did let me go on to the “next level” since I did have a few more bullets left in my gun. So yes, I do enjoy shooting games a lot (as much as I love racing games) and it wouldn’t hurt to know how to load, aim, shoot and fire just in case a “virus” does breaks out.

Before I go off topic again, I came up with this “On the Off Chance” series (which btw is one of my goals for #blogging201) accidentally because I just couldn’t get my mind off the thought that there might a possibility of a real zombie apocalypse (because who really knows what might happen in the future, except for God, right?), so what better way to prepare for this than working out, maybe learning a thing or two on how to shoot and getting a few tips from these “grotesque” (yes Joey, if you’re reading this, I borrowed it from the zombie 3D game yesterday) and gory movies.

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Apart from working out and doing a lot of cardio exercises (as mentioned in the Zombieland Rules), here are a few more things I realized I really need to invest on, on the off chance that a “flare” does erupt in the future:

  1. Really good and tough pair of shoes. I’m thinking, army boots of some sort or that ever reliable pair of Dr. Martens or any of their rivals in the market. You have to assume that you’ll be walking, running, jumping and climbing through all sorts of building debris, holes and walls and there might be few instances that you may need to kick some of these monsters in the head so better invest on something really good!
  2. Less bold and colorful clothing. I rarely really see apocalypse survivors clad in Katy Perry-ish or Miley Cyrus-y clothing so I better get rid of half of my closet and invest more on clothes with earthy colors. This should really be helpful when you’re on the run and you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself. So yes, being low-profile is a key to survival!
  3. Guns, crossbow, baseball bats, pans, knives, preferably those that are handy and won’t let you fall behind your pack.
  4. I’ll probably still bring a camera or two. Perhaps my toy cameras would really come in handy as I won’t really have time to do all the manual focusing as I do with my other cameras.
  5. Water jug. Duh?

Yay! I finally did it (Goal #2 for Blogging201)!! I came up with a new blog series and it’s something that just popped up accidentally. Plus, I don’t think someone else has thought of doing a similar blog series (or so I think) so yay!

So just a little more introduction about the new blog series, I often have thoughts (I’m not sure if that’s normal though) on what might be the case for me if ever I do get caught in a situation that may only arise through the creative minds of film and literary geniuses. I have so much interest in movies revolving around natural calamities and zombie apocalypse (if you haven’t figured it out yet), so I almost always think of what I’m going to do, should I be put in a position where I have to run away from tornadoes, tsunamis or zombies when I watch these movies. So, I’m thinking, why not put that into writing? That’s it!

Blogging 201 / Day1: Goal Setting

I can’t believe I only found out about this now, but still, I’m so glad I signed up just in time before the course started.

I’ve been a really bad employee yet again today but a great multi-tasker (which may either be a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it) and have been browsing stuff at work, while still working at the same time.

I checked my emails and saw that the course actually starts today and I got the first ever task which also includes tagging everything we’ll be writing under “blogging201”. So there I was, itching to write about the first task on my blog, but since I’m not that good of a multi-tasker, I decided just to read everyone’s goals first.

So I did and got to interact with a couple of bloggers and even gained 1 new follower. How exciting was that? Anyway, I think I would really love this course and I can’t wait to learn more. For now, just to set my mind on what I would be working on for the next 2 weeks, here are my 3 little goals:

  1. Just like everyone here, I would also like to increase readership mainly just to connect and learn more from them, so my first goal is to increase traffic and get about 15 new followers (same goes for my 2 other blogs) by the end of October and get about 3-5 people to like or comment on each post by the end of the year! Seems realistic? I hope so!
  2. Next goal is to get myself to start a new weekly series or 2 and make them more engaging and fun not only for readers but for me too! (Goal also includes looking for a new blog series or making one myself).
  3. Last of all, which I think I got from reading people’s goals today (or yesterday), is to follow 2-3 new and inspiring bloggers per week and to get myself to interact with them when I can.

That’s it! So one last thing is to post these goals some place where I can see them all the time!

Life Lately: Keeping the Flame Alive


I’ve been spending more time reading, the past couple of days or make that weeks, actually. It has come to the point where I’d rather read what other people have to say than get what I have brewing in my own mind out there.

I read these amazing essays and articles all the time, and I get overwhelmed by my own stirred up thoughts and emotions, so obviously, I do want to get those out too, but when I try to write them down, they all just suddenly disappear. Does that mean anything? I’m not sure. Did I lose motivation or inspiration to write or to even do anything? I guess. Am I too tired to even think that writing is therapeutic and that it can actually help me wind down and just clear my head of these thoughts? Definitely not!–which is why I’m getting out of this rut and doing myself a favor by putting into words what I’ve been meaning to.

Anyway, I decided I needed to finish the 30 Day Writing Challenge, no matter how ambitious it has become for me. I also want to start on this project (also related to writing) I’ve been thinking of doing for a long time now. I wouldn’t say it won’t be something I might lose interest in doing in the long run because I have been on this road before and you know where that led to. Looking on the bright side though, if this works out, it should serve its purpose, which is to help someone who may be in dire need of I don’t know, an anonymous friend? Any clue what it might be?

I also signed up for 2 courses this week. One is a free course offered by The Nectar Collective called Social Media Superhero, which I fortunately didn’t miss on my email (otherwise I would’ve been moping in a corner by now). Feel free to join too if you’re interested to “learn how to use social media to increase your income, grow your online presence, and build a likable online brand”.

The other one will be a 4-week course created by Sofia Cope called the Open Art School (which I was glad I saw on my email as well). Tagline says “IT’S TIME TO PUT YOUR PASSION FIRST AND START SHIPPING YOUR ART (WITHOUT SELLING YOUR SOUL).”

These should be intimidating but sure as hell as fun! I can’t wait! Last time I enrolled for an art course was 2 years ago (Stefano Mirti’s Design 101) and it was similar to Sofia’s, except that it took 3 months/101 days to complete.

I may really have lost inspiration to do something about my passion so I’m working hard to get that back one step at a time. I still owe Elle Luna a lot for igniting the fire in me to get back on track in pursuing what I believe my heart, mind and soul all thirst for. So big thanks and a pat on the back for that!

Then there’s Abbey Sy, who like most accomplished artists, created a way to share and teach her passion to aspiring hand letterers by creating her own book!

There are a lot more artists I really look up to like the lovely Googley Gooeys, the creative The Postman’s Knock, the inspiring Aida Azlin and Susannah Conway, the analogue ladies Katie and April, the hardworking Jim Black and the rest of them who have continued to support and inspire fellow artists through their work and passion.

I should write a separate entry for all of them as these words are not enough to acknowledge the hard work they do for their followers. They all deserve recognition for what they have done. Cheers! 🙂

It’s been 4-5 hours since I started writing this and I can’t say I didn’t miss this because I did! I’m so glad I still have so much to be thankful for despite having lost a lot. I’m terribly lost in life, but I’m glad I still get to find my way back every time I trudge a little further away from the path leading to where I need and want to be.

I’m also glad I have finally written something after so long!

I was watching the movie “The River Wild” starring Merryl Streep and Kevin Bacon and I remember watching this when I was younger than half my age now and I also did not forget how it felt as intense as it was when I saw it again earlier this afternoon. It was such an incredible, fist-clenching, teeth-gritting, old school film that I’m glad I’ve seen and would be happy to watch over and over again in the future. It was exciting as it was inspiring. I love good, old movies with stories that bring back broken families together.

Speaking of inspiring, I’d like to share something I read this morning that I couldn’t shake off my mind. It was from MEDIUM, written by Nic Haralambous:

“How do you know what you want to do if you don’t know what’s out there to do?”

I don’t know how this could work for me as I’ve never been anywhere out of my comfort zone in a long time, but I’m hoping it is the answer to what I’ve been looking for. I’m hoping I could go out into the world by myself and see how it could bring out the best in me and what I really want to do in life. #soulsearching 🙂

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Not that you care, I know, but I’m #justsaying.

P.S. I found it funny how Saab used one too many hashtags on an entry and I thought it’s actually a good idea, being a fan of OA hashtags myself. Ktnxbye!