The Sunday Currently, Volume 7


this self-help book by Francis Kong called “Being the Best You Can Ever Be“, which my parents brought home from their conference. Yes, there’s still hope for me and yep, I’ve always liked this person, mainly for being able to “move mountains” by way of his words and probably (or most definitely) faith too! I’ve been in one of his talks back in college so I know why he has been in demand over the years.

Nothing for today except this entry and another one for the 30 day writing challenge!

to a lot of Gospel and Worship songs on 8tracks. I was supposed to just listen to “Still” by Hillsong United on repeat mode but I might end up “turning on the waterworks” again like I did in church this morning when the choir sang this during the Holy Communion!

of how happy I am today…

of how good our God is, being able to forgive endlessly…

and how lucky I am to have my family.

I’m content and I’m good, I’m good, I’m good, I’m good! 😛

I’m also thinking about tomorrow and how I’ll turn my zombie mode on again. Uuuugghhh!

my father smoking cigarettes…

for the plans we made earlier today as a family to push through! I’m so looking forward to this!

for the plans above to push through! Not to jinx it though, I really hope we could make it come true, together as a family!

my boyfriend’s shirt and comfy pair of bedroom shorts!

this coding guide/suggestions I found on tumblr written by Devon Meyer. I won’t ever be patient enough to learn about dev stuff, but I can probably make time to study the basics and see where that can lead to… Is this really me, speaking…errr typing?

more VLs!!!!!

to learn more about make up, to make the next 5 months more productive and to just enjoy life as it is!

anxious, sad, happy, crazy and sleepy. I ain’t ready to go back to work yet! Can I have one more day off please??!?!

on my 4th Buzzfeed’s Books Newsletter since I signed up back in June! I have to say that it made me want to get a copy of and read: Jane Eyre (I haven’t been interested since I’ve seen the movie, Definitely, Maybe), The Kite Runner, Great Expectations (not a fan of classic novels, but I’m really having great expectations this time!–no pun intended), The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (even though I completely abhor anything that has to do with the holocaust), Mansfield Park (I know right?) and The Virgin Suicides (and maybe watch the movie after too!) and Tiger Eyes (this one, I have a feeling that I’ll only want to watch the movie rather than read the book).

30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 17

Post about your zodiac sign, and whether or not it fits you.

I came across this blogger and I’m glad I did because she made my life easier by compiling FACTS ABOUT SCORPIOs on her blog.

This is pretty revealing, reading general facts about Scorpios and some really explain why I am the way I am. I’m not really a big believer of astrology or zodiac signs being connected to someone’s personality, but some of these are really good!

So, I’ll just draw a line across the facts that are true, at least for me, and justify some, when needed, (italicized).

Facts about Scorpios:

1. They hold trust above everything else in the world.I have the greatest fear of being stabbed at the back, which is why I have these crazy trust issues that I may never get rid of, ever.

2. They either love you extremely or they hate you extremely, which direction you want to go is your choice.

3. They have an uncanny and incomparable ability to distinguish the difference between the truth and a lie. AKA — never lie to a Scorpio. They’ll know it in an instant. – Unfortunately, I don’t have this uncanny ability, but I am paranoid so does that count?

4. Scorpios are very passionate when it comes to feelings.

5. Scorpios are highly defensive because they fear that people close to them will deceive them and betray them.enough said!

6. A Scorpio will never forgive or forget when someone wrongs them and since they have immense patience, they can wait a long, long time before striking in revenge. Not that I don’t completely forgive, but I don’t easily forget, so does that make me a bad person? Fortunately, I’m not big on plotting revenge. 🙂 So, I’m not really pure evil!

7. Scorpios are experimental lovers and very passionate in bed. – This, I have yet to know, but I’d like to think that I’m really experimental and adventurous! haha!

8. They are huge procrastinators, but when they set their mind to work, they work diligently and efficiently. This is so meeeee!

9. The words “give up” are not in their vocabulary. – Not very me! I always give up pretty easily or not? haha!

10. They are natural observers in all situations and tend to hold a blank stare while they scan a situation and mentally analyze it. AKA–never challenge a Scorpio in a staring contest. You will lose. I’m not really the type who’s good in analysis, but I’d like to think of and overthink a situation a lot, sometimes, and yep I like to observe!

11. Scorpios like to challenge and be challenge, but they also like to be in control of most situations. – Hmmm, I’m not really the type who likes to be pressured and be challenged!

12. “A Scorpio in a bad shape (mentally, emotionally) can be a master manipulator. If you’ve broken their trust, even the sweetest Scorpio will likely have a hard time forgetting–and they will get back at you in the end.” – Like I said, I’m not really much of a fan of revenge, so…

13. Scorpios don’t like to be overly flirted with or over-complimented on. This one’s funny, but I guess it’s true! haha!

14. Despite their lack of trust in pretty much everybody, Scorpios will want to know everything. Keep them informed.  hahaha! Yes, I don’t trust a lot of people and yes, I need to know everything!

15. Scorpios have many methods–they are manipulative, vindictive, defensive, and passive-aggressive–however these methods can be so subtle that most people are oblivious to them. Since revenge has been brought up a couple of times now, I’ve thought about it and guess what, I think I can be really vindictive at times too and manipulative, but not all the time!

16. They want you to pay attention. Who doesn’t?

17. Their myriad of faces and emotions and lack of preference in talking make them naturally hard to read–very secretive, very mysterious. I’ve only discovered about this recently!

18. They can easily sense when something is wrong. In most people, this serves as a sixth-sense, where Scorpios can tell how another person is feeling. Not all the time though!

19. Once warmed up to you, they love affection and to cuddle. Not the cuddly type of person, but there’s one person I want to cuddle with forever 😉

20. They can bear pain very well and have better stability than most when they experience the darker sides of life. This, I’m not so sure anymore!

21. Once comfortable with you, a Scorpio will talk excessively.

22. Scorpios can easily detach and re-attach themselves to reality.

23. Scorpios can be highly possessive about the things their passionate about, including their significant others. Me? I’m possessive with my books. I guess now, I can justify this pretty selfish attitude of mine!

24. Many Scorpios have a fascination with death (in some forms). – No way!

25. Scorpios will put happiness of their loved ones before themselves. I think everyone does!

26. As unsociable as most Scorpios are, they hate to be isolated and alone or abandoned. Yeah, sad but true!

27. They will often do what most people only think of or say–they prefer to experiment, especially in the bedroom. – again, I have yet to know if this is true!

28. “Scorpios often thread between wanting to be better understood and remaining a mystery because they realize that both have its perks.”

29. Scorpios are highly unpredictable on all accounts. I think this is common among girls, in general! 🙂

30. Quality time with their significant other is very important to them. – HELL YEAH!!!

31. Scorpios are very perceptive and very wise. – Not applicable to me! hahahaha!

32. Most people can’t or don’t take the time to understand the truth and personal aspects of a Scorpio.

33. Scorpios have great self-discipline when they are emotionally stable. – Really? I guess I’m always emotionally unstable! JK!

34. Scorpios are likely to regret nothing. Everything they do is for a reason. -Nah!

35. They hate to be weak and vulnerable. To them, it is the worst most vile feeling in the world.

36. If they were endemic, they would be endemic to Antarctica for it’s mysteriousness and lack of human population.

37. Scorpios often use their sense of humor to counter the rage inside them.  – I think this is very effective!

38. No one holds a tighter grudge than a Scorpio. – Another sad fact!

39. Scorpios are very good at controlling their money. They prefer not to overspend.

40. Scorpios are more inclined to suffer headaches, fevers, and infections.

41. They dislike not being able to understand things that other people find easy.

42. Scorpios naturally expect you to run on their time.

43. Most Scorpios love to laugh and can be goofy at times.

44. They love to be acknowledged for their strengths.

45. Scorpio females are more likely to be tomboyish, but can also be very sexy. – Some co-workers feel like I’m soon going to come out of the closet as gay and it’s funny because I kind of just want to be really sexy most of the time! haha!

46. Statistically, Scorpios are the most misunderstood of all the zodiacs. Oh well! We are who we are!

47. Scorpios like people who are not afraid of being themselves. – Not me!

48. They tend not to care about social statuses.

49. They can be very demonstrative.When it comes to love, I guess so!

50. They have a very good understanding and sense of their surroundings.

30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 16

Something that you miss

One thing I really miss these days is bumming around. I feel like my days have been revolving too much around work that I honestly miss just staying in bed all day! A week ago, I decided to file a leave from work today, which I try as much as possible not to do because I’m saving all of that for Christmas, but this time, I felt really tired of work that I just want to escape and hide in a cocoon.

I was so looking forward to this day because I was supposed to have B all to myself for the whole day. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather, we couldn’t risk getting stuck somewhere (although that could’ve been nice too!) or getting sick because that would’ve been horrible. I feel so tired already that I couldn’t imagine catching the flu too.

So I’m staying indoors all day today and I’m going to pig-out (which I do on a daily basis) and catch up on some reading and sleeping, on movies and series I’ve missed and a whole lot of artsy fartsy stuff. I’m hoping I get to bond with B too on Skype and to do a bit of cooking too. That’s basically my whole day planned out! Oh I missed this!

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30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 15

Bullet-point your whole day

Can you believe it? I’m halfway through this challenge, finally! If I religiously do this everyday for the next 15 days, I’m gonna complete it before the month ends and I don’t want it to take any longer than that, because hello, I’m already 8 days late!So yaaay! –>not sarcastic! 😛

So this is how my day went. The tropical storm, Falcon has just entered my country’s area of responsibility while another one, Egay exits, so it has been raining cats and dogs the past few days including today. My parents are away in a conference and I have to commute to work. Luckily, the skies cleared up a bit on my way to work.

  • 4:50am – I woke up late because I’ve been having problems staying asleep for the past couple of days. I panicked when I saw the time and went straight to the shower.
  • 5:20am – I hurriedly went back to my room to dress up. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to put make up on.
  • 5:35am – Finally got out of the house and walked to hail a tricycle.
  • 5:45ish am – Lucky enough, I didn’t have to wait too long to find a ride to work.
  • 6:10ish – Work starts at 7am so I had time for breakfast at McDonald’s. I had a sausage Mcmuffin, coffee and hashbrown. I opted to dine in because it started raining again and there weren’t a lot of people yet.
  • 6:40am – I received a text from my mother (whom I had a small misunderstanding with over the phone last night) checking up on us and another from a co-worker asking where I was.
  • 6:50ish – I clocked in at work and the co-worker told me some supervisors were looking for me. Apparently, they were so used to me arriving very early at work everyday and were worried I got washed away by flood waters or something. After that, I had time to do my morning ritual which was to wash my water bottle and to brush my teeth again.
  • 7am – started doing calls
  • 9:45am – quick morning break, stayed at the pantry as usual and saw that rain has stopped but rain clouds were starting to hover over neighboring skycrapers again.
  • 12noon – Sat at the table closest to the window to have lunch with a seatmate. It started raining cats and dogs again and the buildings disappeared behind the thick fog + rain.
  • 12:30pm – After lunch, I was supposed to go to a nearby convenience store, but because of the rain, I had to stay in to stay dry. 😛
  • 12:55pm – had time to brush my teeth
  • 1:05pm – went back to work. I was 5 minutes late. 😛
  • 2:45pm – time for a quick afternoon break
  • 4pm – I got off work, bid people goodbye, and hurriedly went to look for a ride home. Again, I was lucky enough to hail a ride before it started raining hard again. Although, when I think about it, it didn’t really rain too hard after 4pm.
  • 5pm – I got home! Laid in bed for a while, staring at nothing and realized that I had write another entry for this challenge, so I did.
  • 6:51pm – Posting an entry for Day 15 of the 30 day writing challenge!

My life is so boring! I know! But that’s it for today! I might add another bullet for working out but that’s still pending for now! 😛 Hope you all had a much better day than I did! 🙂

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30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 14

Post your Favorite Movies that You Never Get Tired of Watching

Yes, I’m still here because I promised myself I’m going to complete this challenge (for a change), no matter what. Feel free to list down your favorite movies too!

This one is easy because I’m a movie lover, but tough because like I said, I’m a movie lover! 😛 I may never reach the end of this post, but I’ll keep it less than 10 or 5!

1) Serendipity – I bought the “Ultimate Romance DVD collection” (for a whopping P50) a few years ago and like what I said in this entry, Serendipity is definitely one of my favorites. I don’t know why, but this is the ultimate, feel good, rom-com that Hollywood has ever made and I would never get tired of watching it. It must be because of John Cusack’s weird charm (though I never got attracted to him ever) or because of Kate Beckinsale’s perfect lead role vibe, or because it was set in NYC (my favorite place in the world) in the early 2000s (my favorite era including the late 90’s) or maybe because it was simply magical, and I’m a sucker for things far from reality. I’m a lost cause, I know!


2) Stardust – I told you, I’m a sucker for movies that has both romance + magic in it! I’ve seen this movie a thousand times because it makes me feel good every time. First of all, I love the plot (thanks to Neil Gaiman) and the characters too and the adventures I never even imagined could be sewn together in a story. What I love the most about this movie is Claire Dane’s character, Yvaine’s ultimate profession of love to Tristan Thorn. You should at least watch that scene or read her speech. It would make you feel how beautiful it is to be loved, even for those who haven’t been in love yet! You can read it here, I also blogged about it before. 😉


3) P.S. I Love You – When I’m sad, I watch this movie all the time, because it’s an instant antidepressant. I feel magically inspired even when I’m feeling down because it changed my perspective on love and on happy endings. Of course, everyone knows Gerard Butler’s character dies at the beginning but life and their love story didn’t end there. This movie always makes me bawl and I couldn’t help it because it always reminds me how love is so beautiful, it makes you feel good even when it gets taken away from you. So the buckets of tears I have cried watching this movie must be really tears of joy! 😛


4) Harry Potter movies – Have I mentioned how much I love magic, ever? LOL. I never really thought how much I love watching movies with a touch of supernatural elements until today. Well, who doesn’t love the boy who lived, right? I admit, I’m a bigger fan of the movies than the books, so the movies made me read the books and not the other way around. Another thing, I grew up with these kids. I’m the same age with Daniel and I can remember, I was in 6th grade, 11 years old, when the first movie came out and I gathered all the cheap memorabilia, magazines and freebies I could find and kept them all safe in a box which unfortunately wasn’t spared during the great flood, a.k.a. Ondoy. Now, 4 years after the last installment, I still watch the movies time and time again. I can say that the magic definitely stays on, and I’m taken back to my childhood years, reminiscing about the magical world that the children of our generation have been blessed the great opportunity to be a part of.


5) The Parent Trap – I used to watch this all the time, ever since we saw it in school when I was in 3rd or 4th grade. So when I saw a VHS copy at the mall, I asked my parents to buy it and we watched it as a family once and I watched it again and again after that. A few years later, VHS evolved to VCD and when I saw a copy, I got it for myself. Truly, it was one of my favorite movies to watch when I was young! We used to do the handshake too back then with my classmates. I also used to cut my own bangs like Halley and Annie did. I was obsessed! 😛


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