30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 10

Write about something for which you feel strongly

I didn’t think I would ever feel this way about………the coming elections. All my life I felt like I’ve lived a selfish life, but when I got past my teenage years, I realized that I suddenly had this strong feeling towards the government and the way our leaders run our country. I’m telling you, it isn’t a good feeling at all.

Back when I was younger, I never cared about politics let alone the people in position. I would not have even cared who wins, had I been qualified to vote back then because politics to me was like GTA V to a newborn baby—it was barely significant to my pubescent life. Good thing, we were exposed to exercising our right to vote at an early age, having student council elections at school every year, but still the thought of adults arguing about laws didn’t appeal to me as opposed to kids my age implementing added school rules we would fuss all year about.

Fast forward to the present time, at age 25, I feel so stressed about the wrong people vying for presidential candidacy. Not only do I feel stressed about that, I also feel sad, desperate, disappointed, regretful, scared and angry altogether and those don’t even sum up to what I really feel inside.

Sometimes, I even end up in a fight with people whose views go against mine, betting against my candidate.

There was a time that I prayed so hard to God, desperately begging Him to just give us a good leader for once, at least after a long time, someone who can really make a change and who could do something without any bit of influence from that guy from down under, and by that I mean way below Australia.

Aside from this, I also feel so sad and angry about people who are so desperate for alms that their brains get easily clouded by the sight of say, a purple bill or food, stamped with the name of one too many despicable politicians. I mean, do you honestly expect people giving away wheel chairs, food, supplies just a few months before the elections to be consistently concerned about your welfare? Why couldn’t they have done that all throughout their previous terms? Why be generous only before the elections?

Sometimes, I also hate people for being stupid, selling their votes then blaming the government for all their problems afterwards. You know you could’ve saved yourself the effort of complaining about being stuck in a rotten life by voting for the right people in the beginning.

So yeah, I do feel strongly about the country’s current political status and its consequent issues.