30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 9

Put some words of wisdom that speak to you

“If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always, there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself”


My father always wanted us to read 3 things, the Bible, the Gospel and the Desiderata. He would buy us the 365 day gospel book every year and print out copies of the poem for us, although the latter never really struck me until I heard the musical version on the radio too.

We used to tune in to RJ 100.3 all the time on the way to school and back home; and every evening, they would play the song consistently. I had no choice but to hear that every night, but when I finally got myself to listen to it, one line struck me the most and you guessed it right, that’s the line I written above!

I’ve always compared myself to others, to my peers, to my high school batchmates, college batchmates, family friends, co-workers…you name it, I’ve compared myself with them all! It never really made me feel good though just as it says in the poem. I would either feel envious or boastful and neither made me feel any better.

When I think about it now, I’d say that I’d have to learn to do this the hard way and I did. I still compare myself to others but I only get hurt and depressed every single time I do. So I try to convince myself that standards in achieving greatness in life shouldn’t be set based on other people’s achievements. We all have different goals and dreams and means of attaining them and if I would only be driven to go as far as where the others have been, then I’m limiting and underestimating myself. There’s really no need for comparison, since we were all made to have a purpose in life and that’s where our focus should be. We lose track of our purpose if all we have to live for is to outdo other people.

I seriously talk too much in my head!

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