30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 5

List 5 Places You Want To Visit

Easy enough, there’s New York, Greece, Japan, Norway/Finland and Batanes. That’s 6, but not really, I’ll explain this later!

1) NEW YORK – This is obviously my top 1. It’s my favorite place on earth, yet I haven’t been there, sadly. What I want do in New York is explore every street and alley there is, and discover something artsy and just have the time of my life! I feel like it’s the place where I want to live in and work in and have a family of my own and all that. It feels like a perfect place to live in, especially for a girl like me who loves people-watching and being amazed and just being in a busy place all the time (because quiet places sometimes freak me out). I know, I sometimes wish I could live in the country too, preferably near a beach, but more often that not, I feel so much more comfortable in the city.

What made me fall in love with NY: The movie “Serendipity” and this movie on my to-see list, “Broken English“, shows like “FRIENDS” and “Gossip Girl“, the art museums, Serendipity Cafe, That ice skating rink in central park and the list goes on!

2) GREECE – I have decided once in my life to just work as a waitress in Greece. I love the beach and seeing Santorini was like seeing your soulmate the first time, without having met him/her, ever. The background would all be just a blur and in slow motion and your eyes both focused on that little island in all its blue and white goodness. I could wear shorts and dresses all day all the time and I’d never get tired of it.

What made me fall in love with Greece: the movie “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” 🙂

3) JAPAN – I’m not a big fan of their language or any foreign language other than English just because I won’t ever have the patience to learn them all. What I love to see in Japan though are the cherry blossoms, that snow-capped Mt. Fuji, the temples, HARRY POTTER theme park, eat authentic Japanese food like Ramen, Sashimi and Sushi and of course, hoard FILM CAMERAS AND FILMS!!!!!!!!!!

What made me fall in love with Japan: Japan Camera Hunter and this store that sells FILMS (I won’t die without ever stepping into that store, I swear!)

4) NORWAY/FINLAND – I’ve always been mesmerized and not to mention, intrigued by the northern lights and what better way to see them than right out of your window, and where would that be? In either of these places. There’s this site that listed the 5 best places to see the northern lights and I know that Norway’s one of them, but I didn’t know that there are these glass igloos in Finland you can rent and stay in to see the northern lights above you. Pretty amazing!

What made me fall in love with Norway/Finland: the northern lights, snow and the glass igloos and colorful settlement area of Longyearbyen.

5) BATANES – I swear there was one tv show that braved Batanes long before people started flocking to it. I fell in love with the whole place the moment I saw it. It looked like it was not a part of this country. It’s probably one place in the country that I can live in even without cell service.

What made me fall in love with Batanes: This establishment they call the “honesty store”, biking around Batanes and the gorgeous cliffs just beside the sea 🙂

I’m breaking the rules here, but I got to put this on to the list too (just in case someone wants to sponsor my travel fund someday, you’ll know where to take me)

BONUS COUNTRY: IRELAND!!!! I’ve written an entry about this here, just to prove how much I’d love to go to this country someday, mostly because I want to hear more of the Irish accent and to see the beautiful cliffs they have there. Pretty shallow, I know, but when you’re there, you wouldn’t even think I’m shallow.

What made me fall in love with Ireland: Like what I said on that entry, the movies, “P.S., I Love You” and “Leap Year” made me fall in love with it 🙂

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