30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 1

I was browsing through some of the blogs recommended by WordPress and saw Sudrobelle‘s. It was also on her blog where I got the idea to write 30 entries, one for each day, for a whole month. I know I’ve tried really hard to finish similar challenges before, but I never got to, not even one. So just to get myself to write more (even on days when I’m too tired to even look at my phone), I’m doing this challenge for 30 days! I’m not only keeping my fingers crossed, I’m gluing them altogether!!!

writing challenge

So for DAY 1, It says here that I should list 10 things that make me REALLY happy, and here they go (not in any particular order):

1) Dancing – I’m a frustrated dancer and “occasionally”, I burst into hardcore performances, but only in my room (minus the lifting and suspension into the air, of course), especially when I find a good song to play on loud speakers. I’d like to think that I can dance well and that thought alone, makes me really happy. Well, that can also be just the Endorphins that kicked in. Apparently, endorphins boost one’s self-esteem and gives a certain “high” or euphoric feeling. So, that’s why dancing literally makes me feel happy, plus, who doesn’t want to dance to a good song?

2) Art and artists– There’s nothing else that I can compare to, the happiness I get from ART (at least next to God and to the dearest people in my life)! I have paint running through my veins and I can die knowing that my eyes have feasted on thousands of different, unimaginably, beautiful creations by all sorts of artists—may they be photographers, calligraphers, painters, DIYers, crafters, etc.


3) Film Photography – No, this doesn’t make me happy, it made me into the addict that I am. I can’t leave the house without bringing at least one camera. I panic when I’m about to run out of films and cry at the thought that I have new photos waiting to be developed. Need I say more?

4) Food – I’m getting fat and flabby all for the love of foooooooooooooood! Whether I’m trying new restos or recipes or simply just watching cooking shows on tv, my mouth gets easily filled with overproduced saliva brought about by excessive addiction to/craving for food.

5) DIY – Nothing else feels greater than getting my hands all down and dirty! Every project or masterpiece I finish or hobby I get myself into brings incomparable excitement + happiness that often make my heart skip a beat!

6) MUSIC – This + dancing = my own personal anti-depressants. There’s nothing good music can’t cure or fix. And speaking of fix, I get my daily dose of good music from 8tracks and my sister’s player.

7) Crazy, Happy People – These people often make me laugh out loud or at least help contract my abdominal muscles so hard that I swear, get my abs toned instantly!

8) All Things Pretty – These can be great movies, or spectacular performances by extremely talented people or colorful books (literally and figuratively), well-decorated cafes or bedrooms, everything on pinterest or tumblr, the list goes on!

9) My family and B – They bring genuine and irreplaceable happiness. Not one material thing can ever surpass the happiness they give me, next to God.

10) God – He makes my heart whole again each and every time it gets broken.

P.S. Everything on the list tops the list, so don’t mind the superlatives!

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