30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 12

Write about five blessings in your life

These are mainly just some random things I’ve thought of now. They’re the best yet simplest things and I couldn’t be more thankful for them!

  1. dinner last night – On weekdays, there would only be manang, our house help and me at home for dinner, and sometimes, when I’m up in my room the whole night, she’d assume that I’ve fallen asleep (which is only about 70% of the time), so she wouldn’t cook dinner at all, not even for herself. She’d just find a piece of bread or a biscuit to munch on and she’s good to go. I can’t blame her though, because like I’ve said 70% of the time, I’d fall asleep without having dinner, so on the rarest times she cooks dinner, I don’t get to come down and eat at all. Talk about bad timing. This is what I come home to most of the time, no food on the table (charrr), but since we’re currently having our house renovated (for the nth time) and have men to feed, she started cooking again and there’d be enough food for us both for dinner. Last night though, my parents decided to bring home some food and that’s what I’m thankful for now. It’s a blessing, though it might not seem like a big deal, it is for me and it’s still one of the things I’m grateful for, especially in desperate times. haha!
  2. plants – A trip to a hardware store in a recently opened “mall” in Kapitolyo about a month ago had my mother, my sister and I hoarding new gardening stuff, while my father bought stuff for himself. While my mother started getting a bunch of plastic pots for her plants, my sister and I saw these seeds of flowering plants and basil plants and thought, why not give this a try this time? We always see these in hardware stores, but never really bothered buying some, thinking they’d never grow in a tropical country like ours, so why the heck do they still sell these stuff here? So when I saw this soilless potting mix that sells for just a hundred pesos, I thought I’d give it a try this time. The seeds were pricey especially for hoarding so we had to pick plants carefully (and throw a few ones back to the shelf) and bought those that we thought would really thrive in this climate. In the end, we got the dahlia, zinnia, chamomile and basil seeds! I was like a kid who almost peed her pants out of excitement! About 2 weeks after planting the seeds, they’ve finally shown themselves (photo1). Then after a couple of weeks more, I was able to finally re-pot them because they’re growing up so fast. 🙂 I’m grateful for being blessed by the ability to cultivate plants, not knowing that I could.
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  3. recent family trip – My sister planned an out of town trip to Bataan for my brother’s recent and quick trip back home from Cebu, for one weekend (phew!). It was a very short weekend, but we were happy to have him back after what he went through. It was rainy, but it was worth it. We stayed in the beautiful Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and boy, I’ll tell you, beautiful doesn’t give justice to it. The entire place was both breathtaking and a breath of fresh air; and not to mention, just incredibly awesome. It was a place with lots of beautifully reconstructed heritage houses from all over the country/Luzon. Just thinking about how they transported and put back together these houses will leave you in awe. The experience was like a trip back to the Spanish era, when girls dressed in long skirts and guardia civils roamed the streets. I would certainly go back, just because I haven’t seen enough of it, yet. 🙂 and I’m definitely grateful and blessed for having a wonderful family and also for the rarest times we get to spend together as a family.
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  4. 49th month together – Last month, B and I celebrated our 48th month together as a couple, so that’s 4 years of our lives that we’ve known each other and 4 years of a crazy, whirlwind romance. Yesterday marked another milestone in our thriving relationship as we celebrated our 49th monthsary and hopefully, this time, we’d get to appreciate more how far we’ve come and how blessed we are both to have each other. 🙂 I’m definitely grateful that we both realized and felt how much we love each other now more than ever. It makes me feel awfully good inside and it makes me smile every time I think of it. 🙂
  5. lola’s birthday – It was her birthday yesterday and as crazy as it sounds, I may not have kept track of her age in the past couple of years, so I’m not sure if she just turned 84 or 85 this year. Nonetheless, it is a blessing for all of us that she’s still with us. I’ve always believed that she’s the binding force that keeps this whole family together. She’s the reason why we still have family reunions. I cannot imagine life without her. Unfortunately though, one of her closest friends died the same day and they haven’t told her about the sad news yet. It would’ve made her feel bad and no one wants that. That’s another reason to be thankful for, not that her friend passed away, but despite her delicate condition she’s fought for all these years, she continues to be strong for us

. 13270034 I took this a year ago and my lola, despite not being able to travel far nowadays, stays strong and happy. 🙂

30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 11

Something you always think “What if…” about

I have 2 things in mind particularly for this topic and it may seem like there’s this huge regret as I ask myself these questions, but honestly, there isn’t, not even a tiny speck of it, well at least just for the first question.

First, there’s this “What if I stayed working as a staff nurse and pursued this career, would I be working overseas by now like my college batch mates and former colleagues?” question that I may not think about it all the time, but it certainly crosses my mind from time to time and when it does, it makes me look back at my life, not because I regret my decision, but because there’s this possibility that my life would’ve been different. Although, whenever this thought comes up, I also think of the reasons why I had to quit and they simply justify themselves automatically. One of those reasons being, it really felt like I was meant to do something different. Though, I can say that it also felt good to have given it a try because being a nurse is an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience that I would never want to forget. 🙂 So yes, I have no regrets over this one!

Though there might be for this “What if I had taken an art course in college instead, would I have been someone I dreamt of now?” question. I would’ve been really happier studying something I feel really passionate about. This, on the other hand, I always think about, or more often than the first question, at least.

30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 10

Write about something for which you feel strongly

I didn’t think I would ever feel this way about………the coming elections. All my life I felt like I’ve lived a selfish life, but when I got past my teenage years, I realized that I suddenly had this strong feeling towards the government and the way our leaders run our country. I’m telling you, it isn’t a good feeling at all.

Back when I was younger, I never cared about politics let alone the people in position. I would not have even cared who wins, had I been qualified to vote back then because politics to me was like GTA V to a newborn baby—it was barely significant to my pubescent life. Good thing, we were exposed to exercising our right to vote at an early age, having student council elections at school every year, but still the thought of adults arguing about laws didn’t appeal to me as opposed to kids my age implementing added school rules we would fuss all year about.

Fast forward to the present time, at age 25, I feel so stressed about the wrong people vying for presidential candidacy. Not only do I feel stressed about that, I also feel sad, desperate, disappointed, regretful, scared and angry altogether and those don’t even sum up to what I really feel inside.

Sometimes, I even end up in a fight with people whose views go against mine, betting against my candidate.

There was a time that I prayed so hard to God, desperately begging Him to just give us a good leader for once, at least after a long time, someone who can really make a change and who could do something without any bit of influence from that guy from down under, and by that I mean way below Australia.

Aside from this, I also feel so sad and angry about people who are so desperate for alms that their brains get easily clouded by the sight of say, a purple bill or food, stamped with the name of one too many despicable politicians. I mean, do you honestly expect people giving away wheel chairs, food, supplies just a few months before the elections to be consistently concerned about your welfare? Why couldn’t they have done that all throughout their previous terms? Why be generous only before the elections?

Sometimes, I also hate people for being stupid, selling their votes then blaming the government for all their problems afterwards. You know you could’ve saved yourself the effort of complaining about being stuck in a rotten life by voting for the right people in the beginning.

So yeah, I do feel strongly about the country’s current political status and its consequent issues.

Fresh Film Fail!

I wasn’t too excited scanning my own negatives, knowing for a fact that my scanner doesn’t exactly yield film photos as good as what its high-end counterparts do. However, there’s also this teeny-tiny bit of a reason why I chose to scan my own films, it would cost me a lot LESS. Yeah, emphasis on the less!

So being the cheapskate that I am, I took all 4 films (2 of which were taken during our weekend family trip) to one of the labs I usually go to (and used to trust too) and had them developed. It cost me a lot less than what I would’ve paid for had I let them develop and scan 3 films.

Once I got home, I scanned a strip of film, one with my mirror selfie on it and it didn’t turn out as I have expected the photos to look like. I expected a lot of grain, NBD, but what I wasn’t expecting were the dullest colors I’ve seen of photos taken with a “fresh” FUJIFILM C200 film! I couldn’t emphasize the word, “fresh” more!

I’ve had numerous, horrible experiences using expired films so I made sure I bought fresh films for our weekend trip, but I should’ve just bought expired films. Now I know how Aia felt when she got a bunch of poorly developed fresh films back from the lab.

I’ve been going to Picture City in Farmers Plaza to get my films developed (even though I purchased a Fuji privilege card already) and I trusted the same guy who has developed my films over a couple of times to get the job done right as usual, but it looks like he and his partner bit off more than they can chew, having too many customers that night.

Now with a cheap scanner to digitize my poorly developed film negatives, I couldn’t be more impatient in editing them all. How I wish I could still do something about these photos. For now, this was all I could do.








30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 9

Put some words of wisdom that speak to you

“If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always, there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself”


My father always wanted us to read 3 things, the Bible, the Gospel and the Desiderata. He would buy us the 365 day gospel book every year and print out copies of the poem for us, although the latter never really struck me until I heard the musical version on the radio too.

We used to tune in to RJ 100.3 all the time on the way to school and back home; and every evening, they would play the song consistently. I had no choice but to hear that every night, but when I finally got myself to listen to it, one line struck me the most and you guessed it right, that’s the line I written above!

I’ve always compared myself to others, to my peers, to my high school batchmates, college batchmates, family friends, co-workers…you name it, I’ve compared myself with them all! It never really made me feel good though just as it says in the poem. I would either feel envious or boastful and neither made me feel any better.

When I think about it now, I’d say that I’d have to learn to do this the hard way and I did. I still compare myself to others but I only get hurt and depressed every single time I do. So I try to convince myself that standards in achieving greatness in life shouldn’t be set based on other people’s achievements. We all have different goals and dreams and means of attaining them and if I would only be driven to go as far as where the others have been, then I’m limiting and underestimating myself. There’s really no need for comparison, since we were all made to have a purpose in life and that’s where our focus should be. We lose track of our purpose if all we have to live for is to outdo other people.

I seriously talk too much in my head!

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