Our Fourth ♡

2015-05-26 (4)

Can I just say that I feel like I’m at my prettiest when I’m with this guy. He compliments me so much that I’m starting to think that I am really beautiful. And if that’s not good enough reason for anyone to love someone like him, then maybe hearing the compliment repeatedly for 4 years is.

4 days ago, we went out to celebrate our 4th year anniversary. It wasn’t grand nor fancy. We were both broke, but we were happy. What we both wanted was to spend time with each other on that special day so we did; and it was one of the best dates we had.

Happiness is a choice and so is love. What we have is so much deeper than what we had 4 years ago. Now, I’m starting to realize that there is so much more in a relationship between a man and a woman than just tangible gifts or fancy dinners. You can date models, businessmen or celebrities but it isn’t as special if there’s no sacrifice nor tough choices to make. You can be broke, fired from work, cheated on but if you choose to be miserable then you will be. Today, as we both understand the value and real meaning of love, we agreed to support each other in our endeavors, or so I think.

Our relationship is truly a product of hardwork. There are some whose relationships may seem smooth-sailing and even though at times I can be jealous of a life like that, I know I shouldn’t be because every obstacle we overcome is a milestone we’ll treasure forever.

Happy anniversary!