Palace in the Sky

We went to get our passports in our parents’ office yesterday, when my sister suddenly thought of going to Tagaytay on a whim.

No plans at all as usual, so when my mother asked us “where to kids?” (as expected), we both answered “Tagaytay!!!” in chorus!

Papa and Mama didn’t have any choice but to give in.

We had Bulalo and Tawilis for lunch with additional fresh Tilapia and Chopseuy too! Drove around the village where our tita and tito bought a new property, bought a side table (furniture industry here is really quite impressive!) and new plants from our suki before going home 🙂

Long day eh? Did I mention that we also went to the Palace in the Sky after sooooo long! We’ve always wanted to go back but our parents always insisted that there was nothing to see in there anymore. We had tons of photos when we were young in Tagaytay. It actually looked like we were there every single weekend back in the day. Then when we got a bit older (probably during gradeschool years), we went to visit the said “palace”, when I finally had a memory of what it was like to be there. It was very traumatic unfortunately, and since then, I had this memory of how when the wind blew, it seemed like I was going to fall off the cliff—major phobia in heights.

But yesterday, it didn’t feel that way! I wasn’t exactly as scared as I was before. I was leaning on to the ledge taking photos of what I thought was a real beauty from above. It was still breathtaking and a beaut (as what Aussies say!).

Looking around, we found some really good and really mossy/rusty spots that did looked good in photos! So when everyone was fighting for a selfie spot in the other side of the palace, my sister and I were here, taking sweet photos of each other.