My Vday Playlist

I’ve been LSSed to these songs lately and I found it really coincidental that it’s actually the love month, so that’s why!! No Really! And it makes me feel good to hear these songs ‘coz they’re easy to the ears and good for the heart!

  1. Maroon 5’s Sugar  – Who doesn’t tear up bad in watching ordinary brides and grooms alike touched at the sight of an award-winning band play at their wedding reception? I’ve seen this a million times and I still end up in tears!
  2. Rod Stewart’s Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright) – I’ve just heard this this morning and even though it’s friday the 13th, I didn’t care because tonight’s the night and it’s gonna be alright!
  3. Starship’s Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – My Ultimate Favorite! I have dreams singing this on my own wedding reception complete with the guitar solo!
  4. Starship’s We Built This City – heard this yesterday morning after a long time! This is actually on my playlist but I’ve never listened to that playlist in a longtime and hearing it yesterday morning made me feel instantly energized! Not a love song I know, but you gotta love it still!