1 down, 11 more to go

January is almost up and now, we’re transitioning over to the love month! Did I get that right?! Time indeed does fly so fast these days, we can barely feel it pass by.

So about a month ago, I promised myself to finish or at least start the challenges I’ve gotten myself into. So how did it go, you may ask? Well, let’s just say that I’ve been pretty successful with the money challenge, however, I gave up on the AB challenge on the first day and just about to go back to squatting after stopping on the 4th day (105 squats/day) **take note, I’ve miscalculated the number of squats or increments/day so that makes me an advance squatter right? That didn’t sound right, but you get what I mean.

The AB challenge, I underestimated, so I can forgive myself for failing that. The squat challenge, however, I really need to finish since I kind of gotten the hang of it or it’s gotten pretty much bearable after a few days of getting my body used to it. So, give me another month or so to complete it.

A few more things I have been obsessing on over the past month:

  • making my own planner – failing to win the last Daykeeper 2015 giveaway made me just want to make my own, after all, I’m a DIY queen, or princess or jester! Whatever!
    • Therefore, I’ve decided to buy my very own scanner/photocopier/printer in one to help materialize this vision (the film scanner would just have to wait)
    • Subscribed to youtube DIY wizards on how to bind books!
    • I’ve been studying InDesign as well!- since a few hours ago
    • might be buying liquid gold and metal stamps just for the cover – not that I’m copying the whole concept of Daykeeper
  • Buying my own Film Scanner – at first, I was just obsessing over the cheaper CD-R-KING stand alone scanner, but I convinced myself to invest on a more reliable one (i’ll probably get the cheaper Epson V600 first)
  • Iphone 6 Plus – This one, I should be able to get only when I become a regular employee (obsession rating 11/10)
  • this playlist – been playing this for weeks since I discovered it. This is my kind of playlist, songs I’d love to listen to forever and to think I’ve never heard of most of the songs in my life.
  • Slip on Sneakers!!!!! – bought a pair of black ones and although it’s not my size, I love wearing it! (my mother hates them though!) I’ve been scouting online for a pair with snakeskin or gray or leopard prints on them! You can wear them with anything – pants, formal wear, skirts, dresses and even shorts!



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