Kaleidoscopey is not a word….yet!

I have been meaning to post something for November. After all, it’s my favorite month. Usually, I’d do it on weekends, unfortunately, even my weekends are jam-packed now! Told you, it’s my favorite time of the year, next to December, that is!

This isn’t the one where I write everything that I love about this month though. I’m saving that until after this month ends, but it wouldn’t be posted in November on my blog calendar so I’m posting one now, then the more special one in December—I’d like to work in real time! For now, I just decided to post something just because I’m itching to and because I still have a pending melodramatic entry on my journal that I haven’t found time to finish yet. So there goes my momentum and the memory of whatever dramatic thing happened to me then!

As I’m writing this by the way, I’m listening to this really good playlist I found on 8tracks. I thought I’d give it a try when I saw it on my feed just because the title says “LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES“. Kinda intriguing, right? So I did, but not with my headphones on because I prefer listening to music on loud speakers when I’m at home. Anyway the effect is just the same, if not uber amplified! Yeah, I’m weird like that.

True enough, I discovered songs that I would soon download onto my player just because I love to get lost in loud, kaleidoscopey (trippy and colorful) indie music when I’m alone aside from them being really trippy in a really good way. 🙂 That’s what I’d love to call music porn or earn porn? haha! Although I didn’t really like what they did to my all-time-favorite-stolen-song-from-bro, “She Looks so Perfect“.

While you’re at it, might as well watch the video below just to have an overall feeling of ecstacy. No, I’m not high, if that’s what you’re thinking. Or maybe I am! After all, it is still November and I am so hiiiiiiiigggghhhhhh on love, happiness and magic even though I think I’ve had much better birthdays in the past. I’m still so blessed and I saw it even more now than ever! 🙂 aaaahhhhhhhhh Amen. 🙂

I’d also like to share 2 videos I’ve seen yesterday and I’m giving both of my hands down to these guys. They’re partly the reason I’m feeling high as well. charot!

Here’s PLL‘s Janel Parrish aka Mona and her new boyfriend, apparently 🙂 It might not look as special, at least not for everyone, but like what Julianne Hough (my entry is soooo star-studded, I had to type in a lot of names in bold) said, you’d feel something real between these two while they were dancing. That’s real partnership, trusting and helping each other out. (FML! haha “not bitter” disclaimer here!!) Plus, I love the song they used! I’ve actually downloaded the song again after I’ve seen Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan‘s movie Bachelorette a few months ago and now I saw it in a whole new light in that rendition. Meganon? Daldal!

Then there’s this really amazing guy I discovered when I was looking for decent covers of Coldplay‘s “Yellow

Kaleidoscopey, aren’t they all? 😛

2 thoughts on “Kaleidoscopey is not a word….yet!

  1. Thanks for the song recommendations, Mars! I LOVE everything! It’s official. You are one of my soulmates.
    I used to share and recommend new-found songs to Benj, but he’s just not interested with intricate “kaleidoscopic” songs! Even my boyfriend doesn’t seem to like my taste in music. I actually don’t have a certain type/taste. I just like what I like. No limits. Only my ears and heart could tell, really.

    You can try listening to some of my personal favorites:
    – Tallest Trees’ album The Ostrich or the Lark. My favorite from that album is Alouette.
    – Babe by Evenings
    – Belong by Washed Out
    – Maximalist by Baths
    – New Space by Glass Vaults
    – Pure by Bye Bye Blackbird
    – Sleepyhead by Passion Pit
    – To Go Home by Foxes in Fiction
    – Vision Tunnels by Brothertiger
    – Who Are You by Scarlett Johansson

    Haha! I never meant to make a long list of songs, but hey, this could make a great mixtape – My Soulmate from Mars. LOL!

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    1. wooot wooot! shall listen to these tonight at your place! hahahaha!

      by the way, I don’t think I do have a certain/limited type/taste in music as well. It depends on my mood rin. I can listen to oldies, pop, indie, alternative, EDM all in one day. Roller coaster for the ears, but yes, porn for the heart. 🙂


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