Uber Personal Post/New fave color/not a beauty product review

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Who’s bored?


Di ko masyado namiss mag-blog noh?


So sorry for this one. I just tried on my new lipstick in plum, which I think Heart Evangelista is also so fond of these days. When I go to work, I just dab it on my lips just enough to stain my colorless lip balm so I couldn’t really tell if it’s plum or just plain red. This time, I tried swiping more to see if it is what I’m hoping it would be. Surprisingly, it really is! Woot! Woot! Congrats to me for not wasting mooolah!

I was never a dark lipstick wearing person. Ever since, I would only fall in love, over and over mind you, with nude shades and never really cared about the rest. Somehow, when I was window shopping last Friday, I went to check out an empty make up counter, while the rest are going gaga over stationery and other make up brands. Then I found this lovely shade. It wasn’t accidental though since I saw this “hot” color on a magazine in a nail salon just a week before. Never really thought I’d buy one until last week. 🙂 (Unfortunately, it doesn’t really look plum in my photos above! Booohooo!

Nonetheless, I find it really sexy and photoshoot worthy! Maybe I’d get my sister to take a photo of me wearing this on film! Wachootink? hahahaha! landiiiiiii mode on! Anyway, I loved it so much, I thought it deserves an entry on my journal too!

***Kalandian ends here! Now back to regular programming!***

 disclaimer: all other photos link back to their owners 🙂


Kaleidoscopey is not a word….yet!

I have been meaning to post something for November. After all, it’s my favorite month. Usually, I’d do it on weekends, unfortunately, even my weekends are jam-packed now! Told you, it’s my favorite time of the year, next to December, that is!

This isn’t the one where I write everything that I love about this month though. I’m saving that until after this month ends, but it wouldn’t be posted in November on my blog calendar so I’m posting one now, then the more special one in December—I’d like to work in real time! For now, I just decided to post something just because I’m itching to and because I still have a pending melodramatic entry on my journal that I haven’t found time to finish yet. So there goes my momentum and the memory of whatever dramatic thing happened to me then!

As I’m writing this by the way, I’m listening to this really good playlist I found on 8tracks. I thought I’d give it a try when I saw it on my feed just because the title says “LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES“. Kinda intriguing, right? So I did, but not with my headphones on because I prefer listening to music on loud speakers when I’m at home. Anyway the effect is just the same, if not uber amplified! Yeah, I’m weird like that.

True enough, I discovered songs that I would soon download onto my player just because I love to get lost in loud, kaleidoscopey (trippy and colorful) indie music when I’m alone aside from them being really trippy in a really good way. 🙂 That’s what I’d love to call music porn or earn porn? haha! Although I didn’t really like what they did to my all-time-favorite-stolen-song-from-bro, “She Looks so Perfect“.

While you’re at it, might as well watch the video below just to have an overall feeling of ecstacy. No, I’m not high, if that’s what you’re thinking. Or maybe I am! After all, it is still November and I am so hiiiiiiiigggghhhhhh on love, happiness and magic even though I think I’ve had much better birthdays in the past. I’m still so blessed and I saw it even more now than ever! 🙂 aaaahhhhhhhhh Amen. 🙂

I’d also like to share 2 videos I’ve seen yesterday and I’m giving both of my hands down to these guys. They’re partly the reason I’m feeling high as well. charot!

Here’s PLL‘s Janel Parrish aka Mona and her new boyfriend, apparently 🙂 It might not look as special, at least not for everyone, but like what Julianne Hough (my entry is soooo star-studded, I had to type in a lot of names in bold) said, you’d feel something real between these two while they were dancing. That’s real partnership, trusting and helping each other out. (FML! haha “not bitter” disclaimer here!!) Plus, I love the song they used! I’ve actually downloaded the song again after I’ve seen Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan‘s movie Bachelorette a few months ago and now I saw it in a whole new light in that rendition. Meganon? Daldal!

Then there’s this really amazing guy I discovered when I was looking for decent covers of Coldplay‘s “Yellow

Kaleidoscopey, aren’t they all? 😛

Closed Doors

Yesterday, I made a  stupid decision and let a few people down again, which in turn made me feel down too. Good thing, something came up that turned the whole thing upside down.

Friday night, I got horribly drunk (which was a first) with my office mates that I’ve only known for quite some time, but that’s a different story. Then I woke up at 5:30, and took a cab home, showered and made it to the 1st training day of outbound education. That night, we had to go through a diagnostic 10k run. I got home at 7:30ish and thought about what happened that day and slept. Woke up early to make breakfast, took a bath and just thought things through one more time before I decided not to go through 2nd day and I didn’t. I sent messages to my friend, her friend and one facilitator. It was nerve-wracking, but I did what I felt was right and just threw everything down the drain.

I know what I’ve done was ^%$$^%&^@$, You don’t have to rub it in! 😛

So much about that horrible, stupid move. Now on to the happy moments of our Sunday Fun day! I’m so happy, I could kiss an elephant’s butt!

So after going through depression for around 3 minutes and 28 seconds, I asked my sister the most brilliant question I have asked her in my 24 years of living, “So, where are you supposed to go today?” and the rest, as they all say is history!

A few hours later, we were crying and laughing at the same time listening to Bo Sanchez and Arun Gogna. It was one of the highlights of the day that I couldn’t help but share what I’ve learned immediately to friends on our way home.

Here’s what got me thinking since yesterday:

  • We forget to (or sometimes completely don’t) thank God for the closed doors in our lives.
  • We don’t embrace the No’s (rejections, trials, tribulations) as much when in fact these make our Yeses sweeter!
  • We give up  just when we’re so close to getting to our goal.
  • Arun’s question: If you know the number of no’s or rejections you’d get before you get to your Yes/Goal, would you give up on your first no? Won’t you anticipate the rest of your no’s just so you could get to your yes? (hope this makes sense)
  • We don’t see the No’s or closed doors in our lives as God’s way of protecting us.
  • There are 2 types of closed doors: those that are locked on the other side that only God can help us with or those that are locked on the same side we are on that only we can unlock.

Early this morning after I took a bath, my mother who just came back from a weekend trip shook me out of sleepiness by crying out how stupid I was for throwing hair into the toilet. Normally, I’d just ignore her and throw a mature tantrum by using silent treatment and ignoring her for days, but today I managed to see past through the hurt and sadness and kissed her on my way out of the car. 🙂



I slept in the middle of writing this entry, so to continue, I’d like to share that I managed to start a small talk yesterday with the magbabalut I wrote a hefty instagram post for a while back. I felt really nice because he responded gleefully and I managed to even say “ingat po” when he pedaled away. 🙂 It’s really nice to talk to old people every once in a while especially when you get to make them smile, that’s why when we visit lola, I make sure I get to tease her endlessly because it feels good to make them feel good, even if it gets on their nerves sometimes. 😛

Anyway, here are some pictures of my Sundate with Kat 🙂

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13I’ve had a lot of closed doors in my life and never had I thought of thanking God for them too, at least not specifically. I just pray and thank God for helping me get through all that and for helping me learn from my mistakes but not really for the rejections and obstacles I’ve had in life.

So clearly, God opened a window when I felt that another opportunity closed its door for me (even if it was hugely my fault). 😛

Christmas Feels

If I could summarize the weeks in between today and the time I posted my previous entry, I could say that it was definitely a whole new experience for me. It may not sound like it’s that big of a deal, but for me, it’s actually just a whirlwind of events that I cannot take back nor could’ve stopped from happening. Yeah, really no biggie! It’s just the way it is, life. It happens and it slams you like a huge __(insert effingly huge and hard thing here)___ in the face!

On a lighter note, when I got out of the office today, it felt really different because it was…………………… actually chilly and at 4pm at that! Christmas feels! When it feels this good, why would I sulk at the thought of my life turning out to be one of the suckiest this year, eh?

So looking back………again, I’d like to set aside the bad things that cause anxiety and stomach upset and instead, take note of the pretty things that have happened for me:

  • There’s the Outbound Education orientation last Wednesday, not to mention the opportunity for me to discover UP all over again and just by myself!
  • Met new people during the orientation (thanks to the pang-retreat na icebreaker)
  • The days when I made it to the required listings I need in a day including today (must not make sense to you, but it’s really big in my vocabulary!)
  • having lunch with my officemates (Hi Jan!)
  • Undas weekend = family reunion
  • Got my very first pair of running shoes!
  • Got my very own 28mm LENS!
  • Went on dates with my former workmates (including a very opinionated boyfriend of one of them) from the hospital and the swim school and learning so many different things from them (literal na marami at magkakaiba!)
  • Met a new film photographer and getting lots of tips from him!
  • Learned to be comfortable being on my own (thanks to my friends! Jan ulit!)
  • Got a new system/program for work (which still needs a few more tweaking but works much better than the previous one)
  • Took outdoor photos with my new lens!
  • Realizations about love, life and my lovelife!
  • Making it to the mass for the feast day of St. Jude Thaddeus!
  • Knowing that God has always been and will always be there for me, until the end! —this is the cherry on top of the cake!

Odiba? The little things do really count and if you think about it, these are the things worth keeping in mind and in your heart!

So to end this overly sentimental post, I’d like to share these equally heartwarming and Christmassy videos for you to cry your heart out on 🙂 charot!

P.S. The last one I got from a friend, not sure who, so I won’t name names, just to be safe! Say Aye if it’s you!