Sunday Fun Day

Or not. We spent half the day looking for stuff for the bathroom reno. Yikes! So Aussie! Looks like my job’s rubbing off on me.

Anyway, it was an eventful day and though we were just at the home depot the whole time, I did enjoy being the only child. I got my first pay so I took the chance to give back to the two people I owe almost everything to, my parents 🙂 Then true enough, like what I said yesterday, they asked me to drive, but this time for real (meaning outside the comforts of our neighborhood), so that was fun, but very, very scary, knowing how drivers are here in the Philippines. I don’t even know how I survived Rosario earlier, but I’m so relieved that I did.

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Right about after lunch, I felt really bored and sleepy (I have the attention span of a kindergarten), so I’m glad my friends, Jan and Nikki were both texting me. Thanks guys! 🙂

Oohh and one more thing, earlier in Church, one of the mother butlers handed us another envelope for the offertory and since I got my first pay, they asked me to participate. Normally, I’d beg not to do it, but today I just had to let my guard down and just go with the flow and it felt nice, not saying NO.

Also, Before B went to work, he sent me nice messages which I appreciated, because I know I was being too difficult last night. So it was nice of him to set his emotions aside. So we’re okay again for now, but still, I’m pretty upset with our situation. However since I can’t to do anything about it (right, Jan?) and since I didn’t want to ruin my already beautiful day, I had to let it go.

Yeah this whole thing seems like a huge flight of ideas, so forgive me if this doesn’t make sense at all. I’m probably just too stoked to function today.

Btw, the whole day I’ve been asking everyone what this song I keep hearing on 99.5 is, almost everyday. Unfortunately, the only lyrics I remembered was boom boo boom boom boom boo boom boom boom……….  so yeah, stupid me! I kept singing that part to my sister and even sent voice messages to my cousin and Nikki. Luckily, when I tuned in to play fm just now, they were playing Ryan Seacrest‘s top 40, so I tried my luck in his site and lo and behold, I found it there! It’s Daughtry’s “Battleships”!

and, Once Upon A Time season 4 is hereeeeee finally!!!!!!!!!!!

This whole post may not make sense to anyone, but it does to me! hahaha! I need my meds! stat!

Ciao for now! Tomorrow’s our big day! We start making calls for the whole day for the next 2 weeks. So this is why I don’t make sense at all! OOoOOPsie! That doesn’t sound so good, not good at all! hahaha goodnight!


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