Nothing Compares To You

I was making a playlist for my tumblr account and I included this one because I had it in my playlist for so long, even a version where Miley Cyrus was in. Then when I was watching a marathon of My Mad Fat Diary, Sharon Rooney(SR), the girl who plays lead role, sang it in one of the opening scenes and I couldn’t help but smile. I love the show and even more because of the 90’s soundtrack and I loved this version of Rae (SR) because it was so raw, so heartfelt and so appropriate for the circumstances her character was encountering.

P.S. This girl had an awfully low self esteem so I was really surprised she even sang in front of the other kids. Unfortunately, she didn’t do well during the real performance.

So Much Good News in a Day

Today, I woke up not knowing how much I’m going to have to wait more for something good to come into my life. Then again, I know and I realized that I should start counting my blessings and seeing the glass as half full rather than the opposite.

Last Sunday, the priest in our church was new (or so I think), and he just delivered a very good HOMILY, as in 11/10 good. You know, I started to really digest everything I hear in church now especially that I’m slowly starting to get all the cliche we used to only hear back in grade school Christian Living, that it’s what really matters MOST in life and I know that above everything else, you really have got to put God first above everything. Somehow, it also helped that I seem to have lost a lot of things in life, so it only just made me tighten my grip on to God even more, because He’s the only one (aside from my family, few friends and loved ones) I have right now.

So realizing that instead of sulking and waiting and putting my time into waste, I thought, why not include a bit of reading the Bible in my daily bum routine, yes? So I did just that and researched “How to read the Bible” (yep I had to know where to start exactly, but I’m not ashamed of it) because my family only used to read the 4 gospels back in high school, so why not include the rest of it too, right? (TBH, I used to be really envious of people from other religions who could recite Bible passages from cover to cover) I guess I also realized I couldn’t savor Eleanore and Park and just leave my Bible to collect dust on my shelf. It’s like enjoying the company of a friend and seeing your other friend stare at how you are having so much fun, but leaving him/her to rot on the side by him/herself. The only difference is, I would really like to spend time with this friend here and not just because I feel sorry for her/him.

That was the first good news! It literally is THE GOOD NEWS. Get it? I started off with Mark because it says so here and I’m following the guide they included here. I actually like the rules that they enumerated:

  • Pray first before opening God’s word.  Ask for guidance and to be able to accept what is written and to be able to apply His will to your life.
  • Never, never read the Bible trying to proof your belief on any subject.  It is only human nature to take ideas out of context. 
  • When you are reading and come across something that does not make sense, reread the paragraph or chapter again.  If you still do not understand, write down the problem area and continue onward. You may discover the answers later in your reading.
  • Do not read large amounts of the Bible in one setting.  Take breaks often.  Or stay with about 4-6 chapters a day. A good reading schedule is here.
  • Start with the New Testament, people who start with the Old Testament almost never read the Bible all the way through.  The New Testament is what is binding on us today not the Old.  We need to follow God’s will for us today not what was intended for the Jews.
  • Forget everything you have ever heard about Jesus, God and the Bible before you start reading the Bible.  Don’t take what you want it to say with you first.
  • Always use a ‘literal’ translation like the KJV, ASV, YLT, NKJ, KJII, KJIII, LITV, MLV, NASB (1978). (Other translations not listed should be avoided.)
  • If you don’t have a cheap Bible, buy one. Write on it, highlight it, make notes, if later you want to retire it for better, do so. NEVER buy a ‘study bible.’ They are full of peoples opinions which you don’t need clouding your mind!

Then, I checked my mail to see good news #2! It’s related to what I have been waiting for, for months now but I do not want to elaborate on it, not unless it becomes a sure thing. I guess I’m trying not to get too excited about it by not talking much about it like I used to in my previous ventures. I remember this scene in the Time Traveler’s Wife when Clare started to get frustrated because she’s had a couple of miscarriages and didn’t want her third pregnancy to end up the way the first two did, so she said that

From now on...

...we're not gonna fight anymore.

We're not even getting excited.

I mean, if stress is what's causing
the traveling...

...then we should give this baby
the most serene gestation on the planet.
from: script-o-rama

So Just like Clare, I don’t want to get excited or show even just a tiny bit of emotion regarding good news #2. I might not even have to call it a good news at all, because that is showing too much emotion already! Yep, I just didn’t want to jinx it this time 🙂

Moving on to good news #3, since I got too hooked on this book by Rainbow Rowell, I decided to read the rest of her books and spend less time on the internet, but in between that and catching some interesting tv shows, I also checked Corinth‘s site again after so many weeks passed. I got a little bit too preoccupied by so many interesting film photographers that I thought, I needed a break from that (since they’re all really good, it’s overwhelming). When I checked her blog, lo and behold, she and her fiance just tied the knot! I went wild and I couldn’t help but feel awfully and genuinely happy for them. I’ve been a big fan for quite some time now and since I’ve been following their story too much, I felt like I know them for real. I forgot that I’m just a spectator, but even so, I just really couldn’t contain my happiness. Usually, I’d get really jealous of stuff like this like what I told my friend Jan earlier, but somehow that is out of the picture for me right now.

I guess with all the good news and good things, there shouldn’t be any room for any negative thoughts in my head for now. I’m starting to realize that you cannot lose everything in life. You’ll always have something good and more important at hand, you just don’t realize it because you’re too preoccupied with the things that blinds you badly.

Yesterday, I remembered this thing Jan told me about me being lucky to have all the time in the world, I could do anything I want. I just realized it again now, boy I really am lucky to have time and I shouldn’t put it to waste. There’s a reason for this free time and I should manage it wisely but extremely enjoyable . So even if watching FRIENDS seemed like a bad idea, I did it anyway and it wasn’t so bad after all. I loved this show ever since I first saw it on tv and I shouldn’t beat myself up for the 7 hours I spent yesterday watching the third season because I had a great laugh and I needed that. I also realized a lot about my relationship with my SO, so it helped me loads on that area of my life too.

My point is, I shouldn’t be sulking or feeling guilty all the time. I know time is running out, but I also know I’m doing what I can to do something about my life and I know and I trust that God’s timing is the right one. So I shouldn’t make myself feel any less useful than the rest of the working/employed world. There I said it, but really, this is not a pity post or something to make me feel good about myself. In fact, I really feel so much better than I have ever felt for the past months.

On that note, I’m on to my next feel good activities, I’m baking butter cakes and watching Pay It Forward!!! I’ve always wanted to see this, but I never got to, so I have completely forgotten all about it, but now that I have remembered (thanks to related videos menu that pop on the side on youtube) and since I have all the time in the world, I might as well give it a go now 🙂 —-P.S. that is one heck of another run on sentence I wouldn’t correct anymore. 😛

Looks like I’m getting good at appreciating the smallest things in life 🙂

Twister (not a movie review)

Last time I’ve seen this was probably around 4-6 years ago, but the first time I’ve seen it was in grade school. We did a lot of film viewing in school and yep, I loved this movie to bits that somehow I think that it’s the sole reason why I am so fascinated by tornadoes.

Every time I see it on the news or in a documentary, I just can’t help but watch in complete and awful enthrallment with a mouthful of drool on the side. I just feel like there is this attraction between me and the thing. I’m sorry, I do not ever want to feel that way because who would want a mutual attraction with this phenomenon right, but you get what I mean. I am in love with the thing, probably because we don’t usually have it here in the Philippines and because it just seems extraordinary how it just appears out of nowhere and how powerful it can get.

Anyway, I know I said this wasn’t a movie review because obviously it was shown almost 2 decades ago and who needs that? I just cannot believe how I still get really scared watching it. I know the special effects we have these days are so much bigger than what we had in the past, but men, the effects of this one is really something. Then it got me thinking, we don’t have any local disaster movies, do we? I just wanna see local celebrities do the running, the diving, the dodging and crazy yelling like the actors in this one.

P.S. This entry was really made just for the fact that I in the middle of the movie, I just realized that Plutarch Heavensbee was in this movie! Yep he was that very energetic and steak-loving storm chaser, Dustin.


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One more thing, a new tornado-themed movie is coming up and this is why I remembered doing a movie throwback today. 🙂