Books Gone Wild!

Earlier today, my friend, Jannina and I went to the Books For Less warehouse sale in Pasig. It is an annual book fair held along Mercedes avenue selling 2nd hand books for the whole month of August. In the past years, they used to sell books at discounted prices for up to 70% off, but lucky for us, this year, all books are on sale for P10 each (according to the lady who managed the place)!

Well isn’t that just plain heaven here on earth? From bestselling fiction novels to children’s books, hard bound books, paperbacks, textbooks, non-fiction books to magazines, all for P10. That is way, way cheaper than that famous drumstick ice cream that you can buy for double the price. The next time someone asks you how far your P20 can go, you already know what to say. 😉

taken from
taken from
taken from






Bought a total of 20 books which I managed to conveniently stack into one of my ever dependable canvas totes! You can never go wrong with a bag as sturdy as that!topshelfNow I know what that empty top shelf is for!

I know it’s only the 15th, I still have half a month to turn the whole place upside down! Kidding aside, I know there are more treasures awaiting in that little warehouse and this isn’t the last time I’m visiting that magical place. 🙂

bksflessHappy kid 🙂 photo grabbed from Jan 🙂



4 thoughts on “Books Gone Wild!

  1. Your loot is waaay better than mine. Mine all looked too serious. Damn.

    Can we please go back on the 25th? Or 26th? 🙂 Please oh please?


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