Twister (not a movie review)

Last time I’ve seen this was probably around 4-6 years ago, but the first time I’ve seen it was in grade school. We did a lot of film viewing in school and yep, I loved this movie to bits that somehow I think that it’s the sole reason why I am so fascinated by tornadoes.

Every time I see it on the news or in a documentary, I just can’t help but watch in complete and awful enthrallment with a mouthful of drool on the side. I just feel like there is this attraction between me and the thing. I’m sorry, I do not ever want to feel that way because who would want a mutual attraction with this phenomenon right, but you get what I mean. I am in love with the thing, probably because we don’t usually have it here in the Philippines and because it just seems extraordinary how it just appears out of nowhere and how powerful it can get.

Anyway, I know I said this wasn’t a movie review because obviously it was shown almost 2 decades ago and who needs that? I just cannot believe how I still get really scared watching it. I know the special effects we have these days are so much bigger than what we had in the past, but men, the effects of this one is really something. Then it got me thinking, we don’t have any local disaster movies, do we? I just wanna see local celebrities do the running, the diving, the dodging and crazy yelling like the actors in this one.

P.S. This entry was really made just for the fact that I in the middle of the movie, I just realized that Plutarch Heavensbee was in this movie! Yep he was that very energetic and steak-loving storm chaser, Dustin.


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One more thing, a new tornado-themed movie is coming up and this is why I remembered doing a movie throwback today. 🙂


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