Lesson learned

Earlier this afternoon, I found out about the twitter war between the Estrada siblings and DJ Mo Twister, thanks to the show, The Buzz. Right then and there I knew I should have a say in this too, not because I’m someone important (though I know we all are important), but because I’m a citizen of this country too (where democracy and freedom of speech are both practiced) and I could say what I want because I know I pay my dues too (like all of those who voiced out their concerns as well). Also, I have been one of the most sensitive when it comes to the topic of corrupt and rotten politicians.

After seeing the whole thing on tv, I needed to see the actual exchange of cuss words and some significant points from the side of DJ Mo, supported with a rule from a Republic Act which I haven’t really looked up until today. I saw the photos of the said son of now imprisoned senator Jinggoy Estrada on an article, which I didn’t have a hard time finding as it is probably one of the breaking news as of three days ago.

In fairness to the disc jockey, he didn’t back down up to the last minute indicating a very strong conviction regarding the said issue, which is basically just some kid’s insensitively and luxuriously posing on social media amidst the pork barrel scam. The sad part is, this isn’t just anyone’s kid, but that of someone involved in the scam himself. Yes, the posts depicted the luxurious living of someone related to a government official and yes those were insensitive especially for the ones greatly affected by the scam, no less than the citizens of the Philippines.

So why has this small and supposedly normal routine of anyone who owns an Instagram account suddenly been blown out of proportion? What’s with the drama? Why has this act been considered inappropriate especially for a kid of a government official? Wouldn’t be the “people post these types of photos everyday” excuse of the said kid’s sister valid and reasonable? Well, these questions led me right back to that RA 6713 DJ Mo was talking about. So I looked it up and here’s what it  says:

This Act shall be known as the “Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.”


It is the policy of the State to promote a high standard of ethics in public service. Public officials and employees shall at all times be accountable to the people and shall discharge their duties with utmost responsibility, integrity, competence, and loyalty, act with patriotism and justice, lead modest lives, and uphold public interest over personal interest.


Norms of Conduct of Public Officials and Employees. – (A) Every public official and employee shall observe the following as standards of personal conduct in the discharge and execution of official duties:


      (h) Simple living. – Public officials and employees and their families shall lead modest lives appropriate to their positions and income. They shall not indulge in extravagant or ostentatious display of wealth in any form.

This was one of the things DJ Mo pointed out to the sister, who apparently aided in defending the “ostentatious” Estrada brother. 

It’s no secret that it truly is a tough job to be in politics, not to mention a place in the Senate. It is a position so much assumed by the wrong people hence the lack of advancement of people they govern upon. This small issue right here caused a dispute not only among the said personalities but also among those who were witnesses to the posts and the argument on a social networking site, who mostly are not at all influential, but mere commoners in the society. As small as their positions in society, that didn’t stop them from voicing out their own opinions on what should have been done responsibly by those they have elected, their families included. Going back to their job being tough, it should have been their responsibility to be good fathers to their children first before taking over a much bigger responsibility. Truly, it is one heck of a job. It already is tough for those who have real good intentions for the country, what more to those who do not have even a drop of sincerity and empathy in their blood?

To add fuel to that fire, being in the position puts one in the limelight as well (yes like showbizz personalities but on way more different level), so obviously, they cannot escape the critical eyes of those who voted and even those who did not vote for them. One wrong move and off you go, at least nowadays when the people have gone berserk after the whole Napoles issue came to be. So really, lesson learned here must not only be for the Estrada children, but to all, knowing that society can be very watchful to those who commit the grimiest of all crimes, corruption, as it is callously done by lawful officials.

As unconscientious as it may sound, I hope those who were involved have learned their lesson and instead of vindicating their wrong actions, should’ve just admitted their mistakes so as to have avoided public humiliation. They have truly been served by some showbizz personality who might have lost his place in the limelight (as what the opposing councilor mentioned), but knows his rights well and his way through social media, instead of the other way around. I myself didn’t think that it was his way to reclaim his fame, because just like the rest of those who tweeted, he was just being assertive in his own way as a law-abiding citizen (or used to be) of the country. In the end, she was the one who deactivated her account, so go figure.


Naisip ko lang, ilang buwan o taon na rin pala ako hindi nagsusulat ng entry sa wikang Filipino. Binalikan ko ang blog ng aking dating guro upang kamustahin rin ang kanyang buhay nang makita ko itong survey na ito. Gusto ko na sana sumagot ulit ng survey pampalipas oras lang at pangrelax, pero di ko magawa muli gaya nung mga nakaraang posts ko dahil masyado ako marami iniisip pero nung nakita ko to, naisip ko, masaya to. Gusto kong tignan kung ano yung mga sagot ko rin. P.S. hindi ko muna tinignan sagot nung guro ko para di maapektuhan mga sagot ko 🙂

1. kunwari insekto ka, ano ka?

  • salagubang – sabi ng tito ko ito daw pinakamalinis na insekto

2. kunwari halaman ka ano ka?

  • basil or horsetail!

3. kunwari cartoon character ka, sino ka?

  • si dora syempre ang batang lakwatsera! o kaya si phineas para exciting lagi!

4. kunwari di ka pinoy, anung nationality mo?

  • ay gusto ko halu-halo, parang yung mga hollywood stars ngayon na may French blood na may halong Irish, tapos haluan mo ng Japanese then Pinoy! Boom! Alien!

5. kunwari last text na ng buhay mo, sinong tetext mo?

  • I love you all and thank you – send to all!

6. kunwari actor/actress ka, sino kamuka mo?

  • si Shaina! haha or si toni g (nabanggit na naman ng tita ko kanina pero di ko makita) and si Kim tae Hee haha pakapalan na! Pero kung gugustuhin kong maging kamukha, si Shiri Appleby – ganda niya eh or si Kim Tae Hee na or si Korean actress na si Eugene!

7. kunwari bayani ka ng pilipinas, saan ka may rebulto?

  • Sa Quiapo! May dalang vintage camera! haha! or sa Mt. Banahaw!

8. kunwari parte ka ng katawan, ano ka?

  • Hmmm hindi ako magaling sa ganito: siguro mata na lang. Napaka-importante sa napakaraming aspeto o di kaya kamay!

9. kunwari di ka pinanganak nung year na pinanganak ka, kelan ka pinanganak?

  • 2080! Sa future na yan!

10. kunwari prof ka sa school nyo, ano ang tinuturo mo?

  • Gusto ko arts, photography or Med-Surg!

11. kunwari presidente ka ng pilipinas, pandak ka ba?

  • Syempre HINDI!

12. kunwari alak ka, nung brand mo?

  • yung di kamahalan pero masarap na champagne lang 🙂

13. kunwari damit ka, ano ka?

  • kimono cardigan or shorts kasi chill lang, relaxed, casual, comfortable parang ako nga haha

14. kunwari merong may crush sayo, ano gagawin mo?

  • depende, kung hindi makaintindi, iiwasan, kung alam ang limitasyon, friends lang! 🙂

15. kunwari hindi ka anak ng nanay mo, kanino kang anak?

  • Naisip ko na to dati pero hindi ko na alam kung ano sagot ko, siguro anak na lang nila kate middleton and prince william hahaha! mahadera!

16. kunwari callboy ka, san ka nakalarga?

  • sa bgc! chos!

17. kunwari athlete ka, anong sport mo?

  • swimming dabest! or running! 🙂 isama ko na ba cycling? nang makapag triathlon na?

18. kunwari isa kang CEO, saan?

  • lomography? Taray!

19. kunwari puno ka, ano ka:

  • bilang damo ang Bamboo, bamboo na lang! pero dahil puno ang tanong, bamboo na lang! Kidding aside, gusto ko amging firetree para standout! baklang bakla!

20. kunwari member ka ng banda, anung instrument mo?

  • gusto ko man ng gitara, drums naman para maiba at dahil gusto ko rin matutunan!

21. kunwari Tatay ka, ilan anak mo?

  • Ay 4 talaga! Or more! Pangarap ko dati yung pamilya sa 7th Heaven! Kagulo lang!

22. kunwari si michael jackson ka, aamin ka ba?

  • Hala!

23. kunwari, syota mo si angel locsin, ipagmamalaki mo ba siya?

  • Oo naman! The Legal Wife!

24. kunwari di ka grumadweyt sa course mo, anong course mo?

  • FINE ARTS!!! Or Comm Arts!

25. kunwari disease ka, anu ka?

  • Rheumatic Heart Disease na sanhi ng GABHS (pronounced as GABS) dahil tuwing naririnig ko tong sakit na to ay bumabalik sa akin ang ala-ala ng aking report nung college tungkol dito at ang mga nadiskubre kong katakot takot sa sakit na ito!

26. kunwari martir ka, pano ka pinatay?

  • Nakupo next question please!

27.kunwari painting ka, sinong nagpaint sayo?

  • Ay tatay ko! or mga pintor ng Angono! Sariling atin!

28. kunwari kanta ka, anong song ka?

  • LET ME IN by Grouplove or WAIT by M83 – Hindi Pinoy!

29. kunwari robber ka, anung ninakaw mo?

  • Puso ng aking minamahal para gory! Chos!

30. kunwari isinabuhay ang buhay mo, sino gaganap?

  • Syempre si Kim Tae Hee chos, siguro sa local si …. ang hirap, feeling ko hindi kakayanin ng kahit sino gampanan tong role na to kaya ako na lang! Special participation of myself as myself!

31. kunwari asa fairytale ka, sino ka?

  • Bilang uso na maging bida sa fairytales, bubuhayin ko naman si Ursula! Korek, isipin mo na lang nagka-TB siya kaya nangayayat at nastress.