survey #3 and last for the day

This one, I just got randomly (so don’t judge). You could get one by clicking on this option on click on the photo for more!


1. in a relationship
2. it would be an insult to my partner if i answer the former. sometimes when i’m really mad at him, i always wish to go back to being single, but it’s hard for me to imagine a life without him. —more cheese please
3. only 1 πŸ™‚
4. this would be my only and longest one
5. yes
6. yes, because as they say, it keeps the fire burning and it also helps in keeping intimacy and that certain bond between a couple. – yes expert lang?
7. nope
8. i think that you should never judge anyone, not even those who do it. also, i think that most people have far more complicated and deeper reasons for doing it.
9. none. refer back to question #5
10. my current partner and i broke up last year because of so many things i already forgot about.
11. only one
12. N/A
13. communication, compromise, trust and lots of fun time together
14. yes and still am
15. only when you’re 101% sure about it
16. 22, i think! i’m so pathetic, i know
17. yes
18. only when i become overly dramatic and say things i don’t mean
19. nope
20. yes and hopefully before i turn 30 or 29 haha!

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