What’s your love story like?

I could probably tell you a million reasons why I watch Beauty and the Beast (a CW sci-fi drama), but let me tell you one thing that I find really striking about it instead: the parallelisms I see of Cat and Vincent’s (protagonists) relationship to my own relationship with my significant other. Of course B would definitely burst into a irritating fit when he hears this, but whatever, I still find him very similar to Vincent.

The drama pretty much revolves around a cop, Catherine Chandler (not your typical damsel-in-distress), her issues with her family, her past and her family’s past (lol) and of course her wonderful knight in shining armor, the mysterious, Vincent Keller. So how is this like a real life tv adaptation of the good, old Disney favorite? Well, it isn’t. At first I thought it would seem that way, with only a few modifications in characters, plot and setting, but like I said, it didn’t turn out the way I expected it to be. It’s not in any way related to the story of the animated movie nor the Pettyfer-Hudgens version, but a series with a plot and character development of its own. In that case, the title was pretty much the only similarity it has with the beloved children’s film.

I wasn’t really disappointed when I realized this after watching a couple of episodes. In fact, I fell in love with it. It was an instant attraction! I was smitten! You get the idea. So you may wonder, what exactly does the male lead look like? He must look extremely frightening. After all, he wouldn’t be called a beast if he weren’t all hairy with hind legs and with big tusks coming out of his mouth. Okay I have got to stop comparing him to his cartoon counterpart. Kidding aside, he looks incredibly…….NORMAL! Well that is when he is normal, but yeah he turns into a horrifying monster when he gets angry (like the Hulk, but a lot less green and more like a rabid animal with golden eyes). The first time Vincent transformed into a beast, I cannot even look at our TV for a while. He looks like one of the aswangs in our local movies. It took a while before I got used to him transforming like that. I admit, it was traumatic, but the romance helped me get over the horror feel of the show.

I know I still haven’t said enough about the plot. I got carried away, my bad! So I’m gonna make this short. Cat is a cop whose mother was a scientist who worked for a organization/institution called Muirfield which turned normal men into some sort of super soldiers. Vincent a former doctor, enlisted and took part in the program which, like I said, turned them into super soldiers. After a while, the program was terminated and so were all the men who were turned. Vincent survived and eventually, like all super heroes of the modern time, experienced a “side effect” of the process he was put into. His DNA mutated which eventually made him turn into a beast whenever he’s mad or sexually turned on (at least that’s what I observed in the first season). Then Cat’s mother gets killed before her very eyes, gets saved by the beast and gets saved again and again in unfortunate events after. Although Cat’s got some moves (she’s a cop remember?), the thoughtful beast never ceased to save her still (anonymously at first). It’s diabetic, I know! Eventually they fell in love, but since the producers didn’t want to end the darn thing after just one season (especially since it clicked with the suckers for the whole romeo/juliet-you-and-me-against-the-world drama), asked their writers to thicken the plot into a whole goo of a mess and voila! The two end up in an impossibly, tangled web they weaved.

So going back to my own tangled web of a love life, which I find amusingly similar to Cat and Vincent’s because first, like them, B and I love each other very much (duh!). Second, B, like V although very soft-spoken speaks lovingly and sincerely and has that mysterious side to him. Third and the most heartbreaking parallelism, we both want a future together, but cannot surely determine it because of the present circumstances we are in. Sure B doesn’t turned into a wanted freak that’s always on the run from authorities (thank goodness), but every time the show ends (usually at Cat’s apartment’s rooftop, where and when it usually gets mushy), it breaks my heart to see the two still fight for their love despite everything. Maybe that’s why I love this show to bits, because it gives me hope that one day, we are going to get through all the obstacles we are facing now. It makes me feel good despite not having a relationship I dreamed of. It makes me smile knowing that I’m going to get my happy ending too, as long as we both shall fight for a future we want, just like what Cat and Vincent do.

And in the words of Vice Ganda, I want to hope that someday I’m gonna have my “…..happy lang, walang ending

So stay tuned for scenes from our next episode! Chos! Ka-mushy!


A scene from last the episode

from http://saveeachother-beauty-beast.tumblr.com/post/88590585397