Samantha Jade, Look What You’ve Done to Me!!!

Do you ever get that cray cray (I’ve been using this a lot lately) moment when you’re all alone in your room or house and you kinda just feel like dancing to your favorite tune on full blast without a care in the world?? Well that happens to me all the time except that today, it has gone a wee bit out of hand all because of a song.

I’ve been feeling down lately. To add fuel to the fire, I got myself to finish The Fault in our Stars which was why I was weeping inconsolably last night. Good thing, my family goes home very late at night nowadays. I get to have our room to myself and get overly dramatic when I want or need to. It would surprise me still how bipolar my mood can be. One day I’d be drowned in my negative thoughts, then come another day when I’m on the highest of highs, I could do anything! Take  yesterday and today for example, when I have been the most productive (in the artistic sense) ever since my job contract ended. Yesterday, I finally got to make my own camera strap out of the floral fabric I bought (film photos to follow as I’m too lazy to use a digital camera). Today, I painted again! Finally realized that the 3rd canvas I’m putting up on my wall of weird is………………a painting of an “Okay? Okay.” enclosed in black and white clouds. If you still cannot picture it in your mind, it’s the overrated TFIOS slogan (again, photos to follow).

All those thanks to MUSIC! Yesterday, I just had to play some indie, arts and crafts playlist (yes they do have one or two) on 8tracks and it kept me going until I almost didn’t finish my strap. Today, I’m playing this Samantha Jade song over and over while dancing ballistically and letting the paintings air dry. It’s my new feel good/pick-me-upper song! As a matter of fact, I’ve been kinda whipping my head back and forth as I’m typing this and doing my favorite “shoulder sway” step! I can’t help it, I’m sooooo addicted to it, I could listen to it all day today and tomorrow and the next day and the day after that before I get too tired of it completely which is in a week’s time! TOPS! HAHA!