Why shoot film?

I draw inspiration from a LOT of people who still shoot film in this day and age. They make me feel motivated and great about living the analog way!

So why shoot film?
After watching this amazing documentary, I realized, I still have a lot more to experience and thus learn in capturing great moments in film. Nonetheless, I also recognize the similarities I have with these photographers. Not that I’m as good as them (yet), but the reasons we have in choosing this over digital and the high-tech counterparts are very, very much in line with each other.

I for one like film because it’s much more MAGICAL. It’s also very technical and challenging. It makes you feel like a pro! It helped me learn more about photography unlike when I was using a dslr. It taught me the real principles about getting a right photo. It makes me appreciate the things I take photos of rather than just being trigger happy with digital cameras. Since you only get 24 or 36 shots per film, you realize that every shot counts and that it’s going to take you quite some time to acquire films again, so why waste it with a bad shot? The waiting is the most exciting part! Of course you wouldn’t have a screen behind the camera to view the photos you’ve taken, so you’ll have to wait until you have it processed or until you have money to pay for the processing. Lastly, even though you get the wrong exposures, in the end, you feel like it’s part of the bargain of getting into film photography, then you move on and try to take better photos next time.

I loved every single photographer they interviewed for this documentary. They have different personalities yet they appear to be one in their belief in the analog photography. I have never been more inspired and this is one hobby I’m never going to get tired of!

MY favorite line from one of the interviewees:
“People act like films are difficult, but think about it, your grandmother used to do it, how hard can it be?” -Neal Carpenter (Byron Georgia)

**P.S. now because of this, I want to shoot videos the old way too! Remember the video camera of Anne Hathaway in “Love and Other Drugs”? I think I saw someone selling it online! ***drooools***