First roll

Technically, this is the 4th roll I brought over at a photo developing store, the 3rd one scanned at a Mitsubishi Photo Imaging center and the 1st using my Canon FTB QL!

I used a film I got from the same store where I had it scanned, a Fujicolor 200. Unfortunately though, out of the 36 shots, I only got 21 (thinking that I’m using one with 24 exposures only), 4 of which were test shots (which I thought were taken by an equally excited supernatural entity—paranoid much?) I took as advised by tutorials online/manual itself. 2 were underexposed, but I’m glad I still got some good shots. Not bad for my first try, especially since I failed to use the light meter for the first few ones I took.




I used a slow shutter speed here since it was a bit breezy, to show a bit of motion


our basil plants


This one’s my favorite because of the composition. I still didn’t know how to use the light meter and used a very high ISO for this photo. Good thing it didn’t turn out too overexposed!









Here are some of the underexposed photos I took indoors.


One of the 4 test shots i took at the beginning




There you have it. It’s not much, but since I underestimated myself too much, I didn’t  quite expect these to come out as such. Of course, I was hoping I used the settings correctly, but I didn’t really think I’d get some good ones.

These photos came out grainy. I’m not sure if it’s the film/incorrect ISO usage or the lens itself, but if it’s the latter, I’d have to shell out a lot for the CLA-ing! Please let it be the film! Please!


  • If you don’t have this film indicator at the back of your camera, try sticking a label instead so you won’t forget what film you’re using and as for my case, how many exposures your film has. (i think i got this from Kai Wong of DigitalRev TV)
  • Keep your hands steady!
  • Don’t forget the SUNNY 16 rule!

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