Role Models

We look up to a lot of people in our lifetime. Some we may admire for their works, their successful lives, their careers, their families, their talents or for their passion. We may even admire random people for their simple acts of kindness, but these girls that you are about to see are not exactly the typical role models that one may particularly pay tribute to. I mean, they’re crazy and sexy and hot and as much as I feel that being really drawn to them feels awkward (coz I’m straight as hell), there is no way I can deny that I really, really admire them.



Yep, that’s right, these girls are some of my role models!

The very first Victoria’s Secret fashion show I’ve seen was in 2006 and among all the shows I’ve seen including this year’s, I still very much like this one because of Justin Timberlake’s hot performance! I may be biased since it was the first show I’ve seen. It may only probably be that way because as they say, first love never dies. I don’t know if that makes sense, but you get what I mean. Another reason why it’s still my favorite is because of the old angels were still there. I admit, I have no idea who the other angels are nowadays. I only got to know a few thru my sister, who is very much updated in all things fashyowwwn! Lastly, I liked the finale! It was like its theme, very WINTER WONDERLAND (i looooooove white!), plus the choir behind and the song they sang (you know how I am sooooo into choirs) were both amazing and i definitely loved the angel that was slowly brought down via harness at the end. It gave me goosebumps and still does, thus it’s very unforgettable. Truly one of the best VS finales for me!

(2006 show finale, see it for yourself, if you still haven’t)

After watching this annual and most anticipated show for the past years, I’ve come to admire them for their bodies! Like what I said, I’m not gay or anything but looking at them makes me wanna be like them! In college, I’ve even met a classmate who happened to love the show too and since then we created this joke that in the future, we would get to walk down the runway with humongous wings behind us and in those tiny strings called lingerie! Seriously, I’ve imagine myself being taller than I really am and with a really perfect body walking flawlessly synchronized to a really good song in front of a loooot of people! That would be a dream come true!

Among the angels and through the years, I’ve had my fair choices of the most beautiful for me. First is still and definitely Gisele Bundchen. I’ve never really seen or known her like I’ve known Rosie (yes close lang?), but whenever I remember how she walks down that runway, it’s like all eyes are always on her. She’s got that fierce look which no one can miss! Why would you? She’s one of the best in VS history! Next on my list is Miranda Kerr. She’s also one of the senior models and like Gisele, she also has a child now. What I like about her is her fresh and young-looking face. It’s almost as if she’s still a teenager! It’s so unfair. Contrary to Gisele, Miranda is sweeter-looking and always smiling down the runway. Last on my list and probably my most favorite even out of the VS industry is ten-ten-nen-nen, Jason Statham‘s girlfriend, Rosie Huntington Whiteley! Back in the day, I’ve never really noticed her that much, but her face was very distinct and her look was very much in between Miranda’s and Gisele’s. She looks fierce, sweet, but deadly. Yeah that’s what she is, but she’s very much giggly and sweet outside of the show (as I’ve seen in her interviews). Of course, I only got familiar with her when I learned that she and Jason were dating (big fan of Jason kasi), and it was already too late when I did because she was already acting by that time.

I told you I only know I few, but a faces like Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Chanel Iman, Anne V, Molly Sims (I’ve known her trhu movies only) and another batchmate of Lima whose name I couldn’t remember, Oooops I already know—-Alessandra Ambrosio, also caught my eye! In general, I feel like I admire them mostly for their confidence and their physical attributes and the way they carry their selves. The show wouldn’t be as successful if not for them so they are the stars, well aside from the fantasy bras and wings that they strut around carrying on their shoulders!

So aside from really, really inspiring and lovely people and heroes in history, I admit that these girls are definitely also worth an entry in my blog. After all, they have been a part of my life for the past years and they inspire me in so many ways! Of course I don’t see myself as beautiful, which is why my self confidence is way, way down, but people like them somehow makes me feel hopeful (not that I would really become an angel one day) that one can really feel and look special if they want to.

P.S. Here are the other moments from the show in 2006 and last year that I really love because of the songs, the performers, the theme, the set, lingerie and grand performances!

This part, I really cannot forget because if that iconic pink door behind and the song, “Beware of the dog”

I particularly liked the new arrangement in Taylor’s song and how she stole the show from the angels! I loved it! I loved her outfit, her attitude, her voice! I love Taylor!

Sweet Rosie!

love her laugh!