Nostalgic Flower Four

Abs-cbn just started showing their first ever Foreign/Asian drama series, Meteor Garden again after 10 years of its first airing back in 2004. Of course I couldn’t catch it since I started working again, but thankfully, today is a holiday that’s why I was able to watch at least an episode. I couldn’t help but love the characters all over again! Their clothes, their hairstyles and the songs took me back to high school when I first saw this!

I would never forget how our house help, who just came back from Taiwan then and worked for us again kept talking about this teleserye she watched religiously every night while she was staying there. Of course anything she says that I cannot relate with didn’t really capture my attention so even though she was very excited to share the whole thing, I never really got it, until ABS-CBN introduced it in April-May 2004 (if I’m not mistaken). I think it was only a few days or weeks after our help went home when we saw the teasers on tv that obviously made her shriek uncontrollably, as in bigtime!

So when it was first shown, I admit that I was definitely one of the other million viewers who were hooked! As in, person who knew all the lyrics to the songs, downloaded their whole slumbook info, bought posters and stickers and wrote the series name in Chinese-hooked! I researched everything about the series and even more on the stars who portrayed the roles of those 4 spoiled brats and that poor but fierce Shan Cai!

I was in high school then so that explains why my life turned upside down when I first saw this. Fastforward to 10 years after, I’m not surprised why I still know the lyrics of their songs and why I still remember the scenes so well. Unlike my friends who bought VCD’s of the series (di pa masyado uso ang DVD’s), I wasn’t able to afford buying the whole thing. When the cheaper DVD versions came out, it was a little too late since I already got hooked to lots of other Asianovelas. When the news came out that they were going to air it again, what struck me more is the fact that it was exactly 10 years ago when it first aired on Philippine TV! Isn’t that amazing?!?! When I watched this video earlier it’s almost as if it was yesterday when I first saw this! I could even remember watching this on MYX and now you’re telling me that I was only 14 when this video came out? These guys must be really old by now! HAHA!

Boy I’m glad that I got to watch even just a single episode because these guys definitely dented my heart and it would forever be there until I get to have grandchildren of my own to whom I would be passing this on to (I gotta buy a copy!!!!).

P.S. I cannot believe how more than half of the giddy girls including me fell for Lei when Dao Ming Si was so much good looking and appealing even when his hair was up in its pineapple style! No one likes the bad guy I guess!

So that’s it for now! I’d be singing this to sleep tonight! Everybody sing…..OH baby baby, my baby baby Wu Je Bu Neng Xi Qu Ni!