Wicker Park!

Back in high school, I bought this 10-movies-(or more)-in-one dvd for P50. It has “The Notebook“, “Serendipity” and “A Lot Like Love“, all of which I have seen more than you can imagine! It was such a treasure that I would go nuts whenever it goes missing! If I were to define how “gasgas” this dvd and these movies are to me, I would literally say that even the dvd is scarred with scratch marks from too much playing. That’s how “gasgas” it is already, but to tell you honestly, I can die today telling you (without taking it back) how much these movies have become my all time favorites, my inspiration and the dream love stories I wanted for myself all these years. These are old school movies that have similarly moved me in different ways. I’m a sucker for happy endings which is why although the characters in these movies took years to figure out that they were all destined for each other, they still ended up with each other…..for me. Charot!

You’re probably wondering where the rest of the movies at, right? Well, I had them removed since they’re either too sad, too old or too stuffy for me. You know how I am, if it’s not too chick-flicky (what the hell?) or if it doesn’t have Rachel McAdams in it or all the people I love, it’s not for me. HAHA! This girl is sooooo shallow, you might think. I’m sorry, but you know what I mean. Sometimes, I get to be in the mood for long and simple, indie-type love stories, sometimes I’m not. For today, I am back in my usual hopeless romantic, grand gesture-loving self and I’m here to tell you how amazing this wonderful story of Matt and Lisa is πŸ™‚

happy couple, Matt and Lisa

The rest of the movies are safe and still quite intact and well, unplayed. I’ll find time for those hopefully in the next, few years just as I have or haven’t even bothered watching this incredible movie, Wicker Park until yesterday. Yeah you heard it right. I have just seen it now, and only out of boredom, so it wasn’t like I was planning on seeing it. I am already 24 years old and like what I said, I’ve had this dvd ever since high school. So it took me about 8-9 years tops, before I gave it another chance. I have seen this before (a couple of times), but maybe I was too preoccupied or just not in the mood for something so serious so I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. I remember my friend, Marion (tweeted her yesterday to tell her the good news) trying to convince me a couple of times years ago to watch it, and when I did, I was boooooooooooored that I just couldn’t appreciate it. There were times that I would fall asleep and I’m not even halfway through it, so you could just imagine how painfully challenging it was for me to see it, until yesterday. I guess I was just too sad that I finally gave it ONE MORE CHANCE, and boy I’m glad I did!

One thing I liked about it is the soundtrack and the tiny bit of artsy film making they had going on. Plus, the plot was fantastic. In the end, I was on the edge of my seat, hands and feet cold and clasped together while muttering silently “please, please dalian mo taxi driver!”. Of course, I hated Rose Byrne’s character, Alex, but in the end, I realized, she was right….people can really do some serious, crazy stuff for love. Somehow, the ending made me hate her a little less especially when she explained her side of the story. Mid-film, I was just thinking, how could anyone be this cruel, trying so hard to keep two lovers apart? I mean, what do they get from it? Then seeing it from Alex’s perspective, I felt sorry for her. I was thinking that if that happened to me, I probably would’ve done the same thing!!!! GRRRRRR!!!! Of course, that was an exaggeration. I would’ve just moped hopelessly and listened to sad playlists all day long! Imagine, you saw the guy first and you were pouring your heart out telling everything to this friend and suddenly, you realize the boy falls in love with this friend of yours. Isn’t too………..kim-maja-ish? HAHAHAHHA! Affected pa rin? haha!

I still feel sorry for her, Alex, realizing how that sort of thing could happen or actually happens and even more often than we know! Chances are, your love or feelings for someone ignored or not reciprocated HAPPENS more than the other way around. It’s more common than getting a cough or cold in a polar-vortexy weather or getting sun-burned during summer despite slathering on your SPF2000 sunscreens. Unrequited love, who hasn’t experienced that? Unless of course you have the face and body of a barbie doll or walk around carrying gold bricks in your pockets. No offense meant, but isn’t it true? Everyone must have been through this may it be a simple infatuation that you’ve kept hidden or a feeling so strong you have literally done everything to tell that special someone how cherished he or she is to you.



The revelation

Love. Mutually given or returned is what we all homo-sapiens want. That’s what even our pets want! Who would want to be alone?! I’m sure Alex might have gone too far, drowned with obsession and unreciprocated feelings, but she’ll find someone who will fill that emptiness if she lets that someone do. We get hurt all the time, but if we open up our minds, and remove the blinders off our eyes, we can see a whole new world that we might not have appreciated because we’re too focused on one thing. I know I’m not in Alex’s shoes to be saying this right now, but I’ve been there and if I haven’t given this boy a chance, he wouldn’t have been mine and I wouldn’t have been this happy. Although we’re going through some very, very, very rough patches at the moment, I could tell that we could work it out and find my way back into his heart once more.

Earlier I said that I watched this because I was too heartbroken and I still am. I couldn’t understand him and his ways and his thinking, but I know I love him and to love is to sacrifice. Right now, I’m torn between our differences in thought. He has his own outlook in life and sometimes, I couldn’t really get myself to understand what he’s trying to point out, with conviction, might I say. All I know right now is that I need to do what he says, but I must also be true to myself. If thinking the way he thinks makes me lie to myself, does that make this right? I just hope that whatever we’re going through right now, makes us stronger as individuals and as a couple and helps us make our way back to each other. After all, I want my own happy ending…with him.

(disclaimer: photos are linked to their original sites πŸ™‚

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