I can’t say that this is the best version out there, but this one’s probably the cutest and most pleasing to the ears for so many reasons! For one, they have a kiddie choir to back up the 2 main singers (who were both oozing with talent and unique voices themselves). Just hearing them do a couple of oh-oh’s and some African chants that echoes even just in the background gives me the chills. Plus, hearing the harmony among their combined voices makes it even more applaudable since any inspirational song backed up with a powerful choir ALWAYS makes it 100 times more beautiful!

Aside from the cutest choir, I also love the little lead girl because she’s already got a very strong voice at that age and height!! I mean, her lungs probably aren’t even that mature yet! Kidding aside, I love how she sings even more powerful and heartwarming than a lot of adult singers nowadays.

I also love the whole African vibe this version gives. The instruments they used, the style of Alex Boye’s singing and the tribal theme (love the white tribal marks on their faces) of the video just makes it worth playing on repeat mode! I know I did while writing this!

Also, I loved the other girl who was also part of the choir on 1:38 (not in the pedophiliac way, but more of a motherly way gumaganun?)! She looks exactly like Camilla Belle when she was young! Watch the Jurassic Park and see how she looks like her doppelganger way back.

Who would’ve thought that a song made for a movie set in a frozen country would become even more beautiful with the added African vibe? Truly, when opposites attract, they also bring out the best in each other! I loved this and as usual, like any other beautiful work of art, it made me break into tears! What can I do, I’m such a softie and sucker for such beautiful demonstrations!


Let It Go (African Tribal Version)

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