I went shopping with my parents in Quiapo, while my brother and sister waited for us in Divisoria exactly a week ago. Although I wasn’t able to go to Villalobos street to see if I could find arts and crafts stuff for myself, I’m glad I was finally able to go back to Hidalgo street after a long time (I just couldn’t go back alone due to a particular, traumatic and violent blog reader’s experience there)! I feast my eyes on piles and piles of prospective film cameras that I’ve been eyeing for so long, plus I got to bond with my father over what else, cameras and accessories! Then we went to get my parent’s eyeglasses before we went canvassing for videoke machine prices in the videoke machine street (my family are very much fond of singing in our family gatherings). Yes it’s literally lined up with videoke machine vendors and makers. You can have yours assembled there by experts! Haha! We also went Christmas ham shopping in and bought baking pans in the same street. Then, we also bought a few, well a lot of hair products and tools in another street. I just realized how amazing Quiapo is. Back in college, the only street I was familiar with was Hidalgo and of course, Raon, then I discovered Villalobos when I was already working and just this Saturday, I realized that Quiapo is basically made up of streets lined up with vendors selling the same thing! You have a street for baking supplies, cameras, appliances, beauty products, food, eyewear, beads and a lot more! It’s such a shopping haven for me if it wasn’t just too far away from where I live and too risky to go shopping on a regular basis.

So after a few hours of haggling here and there, we finally went to Divisoria, which is obviously my top 1 shopping place in the world! Unlike Quiapo, I kind of am more comfortable shopping here since tenenenenenen……way back in college (again!!), my friends and roommates go here as often as going to the bathroom to pee. CHOS! Kidding aside, I feel safer here because the usual crowd consists of students and old people, and I only go shopping most of the time inside the malls! It’s also a plus that  I dress up appropriately when I go there with my tattered clothes and grease all over my face and body! DOUBLE CHOOOOOOOOSSSS!

Anyway, what I really wanted to blog about was this amazing find I got in 168! Sure I wanted to buy a LOT of clothes and shoes and bags and accessories, but since I am currently unemployed (which is synonymous to bankrupt), all I did was walk around and drool a couple of times while window shopping, until I saw this store of DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN STATIONERY!!!!!!!! How I wish I could emphasize that word a little more! My world literally went in slow motion and I almost fainted and threw up at the unexpected sight of all those colorful, Korean-made, jaw-dropping, grade school stuff! All those alphabet stamps that instagram shops sell, rainbow-colored washi tapes, papers and more all in one store! I wanted to buy them all! All those hours of holding on to my wallet tightly just felt rewarding because I knew I saved up my money just for this place! I just wanted to grab everything and leave but before I got caught red-handed, lo and behold, my soulmate finally showed itself to me, the love of my life, right there in the middle of everything, twinkling and begging me to buy it, a box of a diy stamp set! When I saw it, I didn’t even bother to check what it contains. I didn’t even ask. When my brother called me as they were about to exit the building, I haggled for it and left immediately! It was only when we got in the car (ata?) when I saw that it’s not what I wanted after all! It was a DIY alphabet stamp set and not the stamp set that I was wishing it was.

When I got into making my own stamps, thanks to my, I discovered this amazing stamp set from another blogger, which has a couple of woodcutting tools and a few pieces of rubber in it. Remember when I told you I literally blacked out when I saw the set? It was just an exaggeration but maybe I lost it a little so I didn’t even got to check what it even was.

So yesterday, I finally got this thing (cold much?) again and came to terms that I needed to at least try to like it or I’ll never get my money’s worth. It was freaking P250 but I got for P200. It would’ve been cheap if it wasn’t an alphabet set because I already have one. I didn’t even like the font so I almost didn’t want to use it but when I did, I thought, it wasn’t so bad after all.

Diba? Would you have thought that it was an alphabet stamp set just by looking at the label? Of course, I had to ignore all the letters and numbers on the box. I’m so dumb!
My brother even thought I bought a Mahjong set!
I had to mount each rubber character to a plastic block! I was getting the hang of it!
Then you have to stick on the labels on to the other side! I had to admit, it was a relaxing activity for me while I listened to this Christmas playlist on 8tracks!
Then after an hour or so, I finished the whole thing!
I love it!
sorry i can’t rotate the photo!

ImageSo there! Finally I got to finish an entry after so long! I’ve had a few ones started but I never got to finish them all! So cheers! This little stamp set made me finish an entry and the whole DIY activity made me relax a bit after stressing on the pressures of job-hunting and being a bum at home. Akalain mo, it brought something good after all! Here’s to more, as what Kate Beckinsale’s character would like to call it, “fortunate accidents” out there!

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