I am on day 2 of my 3, well make that 4-day house arrest! No, I am not bored, if you ask me, because I have everything I need here at home. Food, TV, Internet, Phone and friends and family! But doing a lot of things (online) and nothing at the same time makes me feel like I’m wasting time so to make this day productive, I went job-hunting online and EUREKAAAA! I found it! I found the perfect job I was praying for all this time!

  • It needs no experience, because apparently they will be the ones training you (which is also a plus!)
  • requires you to work with kids (which I think I’m really good at!)
  • needs fun-loving people! (EHEM EHEM!)
  • must possess a strong, creative vision (which I doubt I don’t have)
  • must be stylish in manner of dressing (i can work on that!)
  • bachelor’s degree in any field (YAAAAAAAHOOOOOO!)

I will not post any more requirements that those above since I will be giving away too much info than needed, which may jinx any future plans of getting into that company! All I need now is God’s support and guidance!

He wouldn’t have shown me that job offer if I wasn’t meant to see that, right? Or am I being too superstitious again?

Anyway, I’ve made up my mind! So aside from God’s support, I will also be needing a ton of courage to tell my parents about it……………………………………………………………..SOON!

So friends, I’ll be needing your prayers and hopefully, this would be the start of something new for me!

P.S. I just opened up to my sister just now, and I’m talking to my parents when they get home later!

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