Another well-spent day off

Yesterday, I had a chance to finally meet up with one of my closest and well-missed college friends, JOHANNA or as we all fondly call her, JOEY!

I had to specifically tell my parents that I’m going out with a Johanna since meeting up with a Joey wouldn’t be a good idea (knowing how more paranoid and stricter they have become these past months).

So there I was running late on a Thursday afternoon when I woke up at 2pm (when supposedly, she and I were to meet up at that exact time). I quickly took a bath and wore my sister’s tunic wrong side out! I ran halfway across Megamall to Ortigas station wearing the tunic and proudly exposing the tag for all the world to see. Good thing I wore my hair down the whole time. When I got in the train to EDSA, the girl that was standing in front of me, saw that there was something wrong with what I’m wearing the moment I came in. She discreetly told me that I was indeed wearing my tunic inside out, so I panicked and threw a few mild curse words at her, no no no, I mean at my katangahan and thanked her after.

When I got off the train, I quickly looked for a bathroom, only to find one with pay, but I had no choice so that even when I don’t have anything to squeeze out of my bladder, I paid P10 just to wear my tunic right.

Anyway, so much for that sudden shunga moment. When I got off the LRT at P. Gil station, I met up with Joey who was waiting for me at the UPM gate. From then on up until our movie date (we watched Kimmy Dora 2) ended, we never ran out of things and stories to tell. We surely did miss each other. You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun and time indeed passed by without us even noticing it. Before we knew it, we had to say goodbye yet again.

But before we parted ways, we bonded over milk teas, pasta and popcorn ! I cannot believe how I managed to put all those inside my stomach! Then after freaking out together over the scary Alodia Gosengfiao, we checked out this new Korean store called CNA Philippines (owned by the famous Krimmy couple) on a whim, where I bought these amazing cool earrings for a co-staff and my new BB cream!

Yes, I’m telling you, this is another day off well-spent with one of the people I truly missed! Hope to see you again soon, Joey! (P.S. Please do update your blog already! )

My well-spent day off!!!

I woke up eating leftover burger taken out of the fridge which tasted surprisingly good…….no, real good! Then I headed off to Ortigas extension to meet up with my boyfriend to have lunch!

We were going to try out this well-publicized resto in Marikina, Cafe Lidia. So we took the jeepney to Rosario in Pasig, then a trike going to floodway, where we took another jeepney ride to Marikina which dropped us off right in front of the restaurant.

At first glance, it didn’t look so incredible, from the outside, but once you get in, you’ll see why it’s flocked with people from all over. The interior was as good as the food. You’ll really find yourself coming back for more!

As for Bri and I, we were on tipid mode, both in time and money, so we weren’t able to try as much food as we wanted, though we were both already sooooooo satisfied with our own orders.

He ordered the Tuna Sandwich which as he said, was made from fresh tuna! OWS? As for me, I liked the fries… scratch that, I LOVED IT!

I ordered the Pasta Lidia since I’m a sucker for seafood pasta dishes (unlike Bri who’s allergic to seafoods, ironically!)

He also ordered this mudslide sundae (supposedly only for him), but the waiter gave him two sundae spoons and being the glutton that I am, I shamelessly dug in!

angas look/forced solo pic

After having lunch, off we went to the Santolan station bound for Legarda station in Mendiola 🙂

sexy B! 🙂

A few minutes later, we arrived at my beloved Alma Mater! We didn’t bother to go in since we were out of time and I needed to get home early, but I did not hesitate to take a picture amidst all the students going up the footbridge because I MISSED GOING TO THIS SCHOOL!

Spotted: My cousin, a freshman, who still obviously looked like a grade school student!

Here we were at Goldilock’s in Espana catching up on each other and having Buko Pandan for merienda! 🙂 I told you, my cousin looks like she’s 11!

Here’s a map I made for her emphasizing Coffee Indulgence, Mang Tootz and Asturias  for her photocopying/piso printing and food tripping needs!

Then I showed her how to go to Recto/Morayta where we bought her notebook before scurrying to Quiapo to catch a decent SM Fairview FX for Kaye and G-liner for us!

It was indeed a very well-spent off of mine and I’m glad I had these two to share it with! I needed a break from my stressful life and going to both old and new places did just that! 🙂

Pardon me for the incoherence of my paragraphs. I wanted to make this one, short, but obviously, it wasn’t sweet at all! I just woke up and I still need to sleep for a few more hours to properly function later at work, so CIAO!

P.S. Bri, thanks for the other photos! Grabbed them from your instagram account!

3 idiots

I was so touched, inspired, moved in so many ways by this movie that it made me want to write again! For the past few days, I was either too tired or too lazy to pick up my computer and write, but today, as I woke up from a very tiring night duty with less than 5 hours of sleep and found myself unable to go back to sleep, I went looking for our THIS MEANS WAR dvd. I found this instead. Obviously, this wasn’t my first choice, but I had to watch something or I would’ve been grouchy all day!

One thing that I loved about this movie is that even if it ran for almost more than 3 hours, I didn’t get bored, not one bit. It wasn’t dragging, it wasn’t that heavy (though they tackled some serious and real issues about life) due to the song and dance numbers in between and it didn’t turn out to be what I expected. There were lots of twists I never saw coming which taught me simple and cliche life lessons that were somehow thrown at me in a different and new way which make them more effective!

The three protagonists really did a great job on their own. Even the antagonists and the smallest characters on the film were spectacular! I applaud the scriptwriter and creator of the film for making everyone contribute something important for the whole movie to come out as beautiful and effective as it did for me. Every scene and every word delivered (though they were subtitled) was relevant and substantial, especially those of Rancho’s!

Speaking of Rancho, his character would really be stuck in my heart for a long time. He was wise, indeed, but very humble. I admire him and envy him even. While watching the film, I was looking back at the years I spent in school and wished that I had set a similar mindset as his. But I wouldn’t want to dwell on that. I don’t want to look at my mistakes and  failure as things to regret, but as things to be proud of. After all, these made me stronger and wiser! Naks! Rancho’s rubbing off on me already!

He was someone I would really want to meet in real life. I would want to be friends with him and I would definitely want his greatness to rub off on me. I want to be someone as motivated and as optimistic and as wise as he was on the film. He seemed like a character from a fantasy movie, unrealistic (in a good way).

Another thing that made me love the movie was the soundtrack. Like in Slumdog Millionaire, the characters burst into a few song and dance numbers in between the most unexpected scenes. The songs I find a bit corny at times, but very catchy and very easy to the ears, but mind you, as usual, the sets where they shot theses scenes were very extravagantly showcased! They’re really good at this stuff and I applaud them for this. I find it very Filipino-like especially during the 90’s!

Before I forget, aside from it being a bit too comical at times, it was also very dramatic! I cried one too many times and my tears were not like the pa-cute type of small watery blobs on my eyes that may or may not fall down (depending on the consistency of the heaviness of the scene I’m watching), but a generous flash down my face. I know I’m being too exaggerated, but you know what I mean!

I know this may seem weird but I think I cried the hardest on the scene where the mother of Raju showed of her newly-bought saree while Raju was comatosed at the hospital. She was trying too hard not to cry, but failed to and ran off and burst to tears instead. It was like the scene on the film, the Passion of the Christ, where Mama Mary came running to her Son when we was being whipped while carrying the cross to Calvary. Mother-son scenes I couldn’t bear within my heart.

All in all, I rate this film 2 thumbs and 2 toes up! I am very shallow and I easily get touched by the simplest tear that falls down even on an irrelevant character’s face so I don’t know if you’d believe me if I say that this has got to be one of the BEST MOVIES I’ve seen in a while, but when I looked it up, it really did well! It was a blockbuster hit and garnered awards I don’t have time to look at anymore.

That’s it! I’m so glad that I did not find our This Means War dvd, otherwise, I wouldn’t have seen life in a new light and I wouldn’t have had the motivation to write again! I thank my sister for buying a copy of this movie. You really have the best taste in movies, music and clothes. You already!

P.S. It rated a whopping 100% on ROTTEN TOMATOES! I have never seen a film rated higher than 98% on that website! IT’S THAT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD, it makes me wanna cry again!

Charlie is sick!

Charlie’s sick for less than a week now. I don’t know what happened exactly since it was manang who takes care of him most of the time. What I do know is that he’s lost his appetite for a day or two and had a few episodes of vomiting and loose BM.

So Thursday morning, when I got home from work, I found him looking weak and without the usual enthusiasm. Staring into his eyes was like staring into Puss in Boots’ eyes, except Charlie wasn’t making pa-cute at all. He was really in pain/not feeling well and I cannot stand seeing him like that.

A few hours prior to the end of my shift, I got a text from my father asking me to take Charlie to the vet. As soon as I got home, I checked up on him and asked manang to accompany me to the animal clinic nearby.

When we got there, after assessing him, the Vet (or so I think) inserted a tube inside his anus and had it examined under a microscope and immediately, they told us that Charlie’s vomiting/LBM was caused by protozoans.

So they prescribed us with antibiotics + vitamins + liver aid/appetite improver + liver spread-like dog food. Since we only had a thousand Pesos on hand, I did not buy the liver aid and the 2nd can of dog food. The P200 consultation fee was reasonable since they had him checked up well and took care of him, cleaned up his eyes and cut his toenails, but I was surprised to see the “vet” took out all of these medications and supplements without even asking me first if I’ll get everything or not. As he was writing down the prescription, I was computing all the expenses at the back of my head and I knew that our money won’t be enough, so I had to assert myself and tell them that I won’t be buying two cans of dog food (which I did not regret since Charlie did not like the smell of it pa lang) and the liver aid (which was the most expensive of them all).

Being tired from work and having not slept yet, I was very annoyed deep inside, but as much as I tried to keep my composure, being a natural mataray, I guess I have made a bad impression on them since I noticed how the other vet look at me as if surprised by what I said. But nonetheless, I regret nothing having done nothing bad to them at all. I was just not in a good mood, but it wasn’t as if I yelled at them or anything. 😛

he still managed to let me tickle him (which he loves), thursday morning!

he was very well-behaved at the clinic.
was so excited, i even made him a medication sheet
antibiotic, vitamins and dog food

The people from the clinic taught us how to feed him his meds via the needle-less syringe. Apparently, we have to pinch this little pocket at the side of his mouth. It looked easy when they demonstrated it at the clinic, but when we got home, I was soooooper excited pa man din to give him his meds, but it turned out that he was only obedient when we were at the clinic. He was soooooo moody at home, we couldn’t even get him to open his mouth.

Today, he had 3 episodes of hematochezia, one of which I saw with my own eyes and smelled with my own nose (malamang!). I’m telling you, I could clean up someone else’s poop but definitely not hematochezia. It smelled of fish/metal/menstruation. But I had no choice, I was still the one left to clean it up.

As of now, he was advised to be confined at the same clinic. He was hooked to IV fluids for hydration (apparently, he lost a lot of weight!) and for his medications. We’re still hoping for his recovery. I hope nothing bad happens to him. It’s scary to trust people nowadays, especially since a classmate/friend of mine’s dog died in the hands of people she trusted for a long time. Get well soon Charlie. We all miss you and we love you. You know how you’ve already been part of our family since you came 7 months ago. Even my mother who hated animals, loves you so much now. 😦 God bless you!