2012’s PBA Commissioner’s Cup Champions!!!! BMEG Llamados!

I can’t help but post another PBA related post. I’m sorry if I’m being too much in in-your-face mode but I just haven’t been excited in sports like this for years. Yes, for sure, I also got excited for the AZKALS especially when they were just starting, but PBA will always be special! It’s one thing to be proud when you send representatives of your country to international competitions, but it’s another thing to have Filipino players play against each other! Both teams’ fans are present during the game, people of different social strata come together, united for their respective teams. I mean, it’s our version of NBA! What else is there to say, right?

Anyway, it was a good thing, I was on AM duty yesterday, so I still had time to go to church (alone) and claim my mother’s pair of pants that she had altered and watch the GAME!

I cannot exactly tell how much madness this game brought us. My sister and I were literally yelling our hearts out as we watched the game on TV, what more, should we have watched it live!

At first, I didn’t exhaust myself cheering since I was disappointed during game 6 when BMEG started out on fire, but ended up losing. So, I told myself, I should reserve all emotions for the last 2 quarters. True enough, Talk and Text was blazing. Jimmy Alapag and Larry Fonacier shared a few three pointers which kept them on lead for a few minutes (yabang eh, minutes lang pala!). Then it went down to the last few seconds of the last quarter when we thought that TnT was gonna take home the cup, but things turned around when Denzel Bowles took the game to overtime! We were on the edge of our seats and I cannot count how many argghsss and uhhhs we gave out yesterday! We were losing hope seeing even flat affect James got pissed already! I remembered this commentator saying BMEG already went too far to lose, not this time! And I heard that echoing on my mind while watching James Yap (who obviously contributed so much to reach game 7). It also made me sad seeing cheery Danica Sotto-Pingris then seated quietly this time. Ako na ang affected! But you can’t deny the fact that games likes these will always be accompanied by drama!

But, just like what I said, things turned around when the game went overtime! Bowles became UNSTOPPA-BOWLES! Every ball he fired went straight into the basket! Then BAM! 90-84, BMEG LLAMADOS wins 2012 PBA Commissioner’s Cup Championship GAME!

YAHHHHHHOOOOOOO! Again, COngratulations to BMEG: Big Game James, Unstoppa-Bowles, the Rocket-Intal, the Fireball-Urbiztondo, Pinoy Sakuragi-PingrisΒ and everyone else! Never mind James Yap’s round of afflause-deserving speech! He still is the MVP!!! I truly have respect for him na! HAHA!

Ok that’s all folks! Time to move on, back to the real world! πŸ™‚

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