thoughts on being a staff nurse…..FINALLY!

Today, I was on my way to the Medical City and Lourdes Hospital (to submit my resumes) when I got “the” text from MEMC (the hospital where I trained for the last 5 months) informing me of my interview at 12 noon. They also included at the end of the text that I was one of the 12 (out of 20) who got absorbed as a *ehem ehem* staff nurse! That was 10:19am and I was on the tricycle already. So, I just had my IVT certificate photocopied and took the trike back to our house. When I got home, I had to take a bath again (because it was damn too hot today—36.6C according to twitter) because I was sweating like a pig and I had to look nice, plus I had to change into a business attire. So I ironed my clothes and I even had to sew my pants (ripped at the crotch part). I skipped lunch because I had 10 remaining minutes before noon. I arrived 15 minutes late, as expected, but I wasn’t worrying about that. I know whoever is in charge of interviewing us would be considerate enough to let that pass. When I got there, they were waiting for 4 more people, since the remaining 2 were out of town and my partner claimed she didn’t get the text. PHEW!

Anyway, the chief nurse just informed us that we had to be at the conference room 15 minutes before 6am on Wednesday (our first day) before we went to our respective stations for the next 6 months (if I’m lucky enough to stay), where we had to get our schedules, make courtesy calls, before we took off.

Speaking of schedule, here’s mine for the next 2 weeks……aaarrrggghhhhh!

Can’t argue with that….I’m gonna have to endure all the things they had to say about what happens on AM shift in that station (5 days lang naman, Mars) . I should be scared. To tell you honestly, I really am. When was I not, right? But look at the bright side, at least I got briefed about it and “her”. No, it’s not a ghost I’m talking about. On second thought, I should be afraid of that too! HUHUHU!!!! πŸ˜₯

Β Then we stayed for a while, shared our thoughts about being absorbed. Most were a bit ambivalent (including me) about it since we only had a week to rest when the previous batches had at least 2 weeks to a month of bumming around before they got called in for contract signing and all; and to think they only trained for 3 months!!! HAYAYAY!!!

Then, my new partner, Nicole and I stayed when everyone else left because I was dishing about our station and our infamous head nurse. Hopefully I’d become good enough to please her. I know being a worrier, I shouldn’t be letting people scare me with their experiences and horror stories, but I can’t go to battle unarmed, right? So we had merienda/late lunch at Chowking before we went our separate ways. I even got to meet her mom who ranted about the heat and other stuff, which was quite entertaining but comforting in a way.

So that’s about it. Apparently our swimming party won’t push through anymore. Poor pink, Selena Gomez-inspired, bandeau bikini and denim, short shorts I bought in Divisoria yesterday, it would take years before I get to wear them for the first time. Poor me, I haven’t even experienced summer 2012 yet (except for the punishing, smoldering, excruciatingly irritating weather) it is about to end. Then before I know it, I’d be going to work in boots or submerged in floodwater already!

So what does this tell you about me finally getting my paid twice a month as a real nurse? Well, I’m sure as hell happy, sad, thankful, unsure, happy, sad and thankful. I never thought things would go this way for me. I never thought I’d be blessed like this. I never thought I’d pursue this career, not when my grades were getting shaky and I getting depressed a few years back, when I was still in college. I never thought I’d be able to get through the cutoff in first year college, or graduate, or pass the board exams, or be able to find a job. Crazy, things have been falling slowly into place for me and it’s all because of Him. So again, thank You, Lord. You really do move in mysterious ways and You really have a knack for making me feel better after I cry myself a few times to sleep. Thank You!

I could tell, I made my parents happy today, which made me happy too! **teary-eyed** CHOS! I told my father jokingly (since he was the 2nd to the last to know) when he woke up for dinner earlier, “Pa, ako na mag-papa-aral kay Kat!“. I also proudly told my mother immediately after I got home, “Ma, ako na magbabayad ng tubig“, then she replied “Ano ka? Pang-pamasahe mo yun noh?” and I thought, oo nga noh?? haha!!

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh I still couldn’t believe it (even though we had people leaking the news even before our training ended). It still hasn’t sunk in. Maybe in 2 days, when I get to handle patients on my own. As in for real. ON MY OWN. Waaaahhhhhh the big world scares me. I just wanna go back to being scolded by our yayas when we wouldn’t sleep during siesta time! I miss being young. 😦

A lot has happened lately, I cannot fully digest it all. I could still remember us on our oath taking on October of last year…… then came this training at a local hospital!

I cannot thank God enough for all of this. I am so blessed to have known people who helped me become a good nurse and a good person. πŸ™‚