Night shift and a date!

Work doesn’t seem like much of a burden when you have the right people with you. In my case, I find these two the most approachable among my senior nurses, thus I find it comfortable working with them! 2 nights with them made it easier for me to work since they goof and play around like 2 pbb teens in love and jokingly quarrel like cats and dogs.

On my first night with them, we were so noisy (take note, patients were all asleep) just looking at a few restaurants we suggested we’d try either together or with our significant others! HAHA! We were that excited!

chillax mode! 🙂

They even made me practice my IV insertion on them! Sila na! haha!

SEGUE: It was also ma’am Donna whom I was able to share my love story with and it was also her who gave me hilarious tips on how to sneakily go on a date! ODIBA? San ka pa?

Early this morning when we punched  out after duty, she saw Brianne sitting at the lobby. When I thought that she was about to step out of the door, she quickly turned around and asked “Is there someone waiting for you?”. Ang lakas lang maka-vibes nitong si ma’am! and I quickly and cheerfully replied “YEHEEEEEES!” Haha! To think, she doesn’t even know him yet!

After quickly introducing him to her and my 2 other co-staff nurses, we bid goodbye and had breakfast, again! Ang effort daw, sabi ni ma’am!


Special day 🙂

bestest friends!

I’ve known these girls since high school grade school and looking back, I don’t think things have changed since then, except that we’re all embarking on new chapters of our lives as adults.

Being with them makes me forget about the stressful life I feel like I’m having lately. I feel so stressed at work sometimes and stressed about my lovelife, but I would’ve given up if it wasn’t for 1) God, 2) my family and 3)them. Of course, my boyfriend is also a big part of who and what I am today, but I’m putting my barkada on the spotlight this time around.

Yesterday, I spent my day off with all of them, but what made this barkada get together different from the others was the sooooooooooper intense pep talk at the latter part of the day.

I do know for a long time how much I have been blessed by God with such great people in my friends, but it was yesterday that I felt like they’re all much more than blessings to me. I don’t even know how to express that in words anymore, but I’d like to think that they’re like real angels sent by God.

It’s true what they say that friends are those who you can run to next to your family, in case you think your family wouldn’t exactly understand every single thing in your life the way your friends would. I know for a fact that mothers know best but sometimes, it just wouldn’t be right (in some cases) to run to your mother for help, especially when, like what I said, she wouldn’t understand how you feel the way your friends would. Of course, parents have been through whatever we’re going through so it’s not right to say that they wouldn’t understand, but for some reason, they already have a different perspective on stuff (having more experience) that makes it hard for them to view life the way we see it through our own eyes.

The way I see it, my point of view is way, way different as compared to my parents’. They’ve created a very strict mindset that closes too many doors for me. Contrary to that, my friends and I share the same wavelength which is why I’m much more comfortable to become vulnerable and open to them. I trust them that much that no matter what they say, though I would not always understand, I would learn to accept because we sort of go through the same experiences and get stuck in similar situations.

Sounds familiar, isn’t it? We all have friends and we all feel the same way, no matter how tightly-knit your relationship with your parents is. Or is it just me?

Anyway, I just want to thank God again for giving me great friends I can always count on. I may not always agree with everything they say, but I’m still grateful that they love me that much to care about what’s happening to me, though we don’t spend as much time together like we used to and though I’m very secretive at times.

Thank you, Nikki, Jan, Juci and Chris for being there for me especially in the most trying times of my life. You are all God’s angels! I love you all! Thank you for sparing so much time yesterday to change my mindset and attitude towards that particular aspect of my life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! You don’t know how touched I was yesterday and how much you’ve all influenced me to do the right thing this time.

ice cream shopping!!!!

friends forever 🙂 SR!

the boyfriend shirt!

I cannot remember when exactly I asked my boyfriend to give me this shirt. I cannot remember why I even asked for it. I think I just wanted something of his that I can bring with me back home. My family never asked where I got this from since most of my pambahay clothes are loose, over-sized shirts that I got from my boy cousins haha! So I guess they just thought it was one of those hand-me-downs.

Anyway, now it’s already part of my stuff, something that he used to own, something that would always remind me of him, something that would make me feel as if being hugged by him though we’re very far apart! 
Thanks for this, B! I love wearing this, especially on cold, summer nights! 😛 hahaha!