good vibes :)

Contrary to what I was feeling yesterday, Yes, I am feeling so much better today!

Aside from it being Sunday and on Sundays, we go to Church, it also is our family day! At breakfast, my mother was sort of offering me food already, so I was guessing she was in a good mood and might have forgotten what happened last night, but there I was, still not ready for a reconciliation, being a proud person that I am.

On the way to church, my mother was noticeably in a really good mood, goofing around with my sister. Usually, she’ll still be in a cold form of herself, one day up to a week after a fight like that, but I guess, she woke up on the right side of the bed this time.

I always sit beside my mother in church, but today, I sat on the end part of the bench. My pride was acting up again. I couldn’t forgive that easily, not when it comes to my mom, but I figured I’d have to make up with her, before the mass ends. That’s what usually happens when we fight on Saturdays, we make up when exchanging “peace be with you”s with one another. Also, I could not stand singing the Lord’s Prayer when I know that I’ve fought with someone. It would always occur to me what sir Joel (high school CL teacher) told us once that I could never, ever forget. He said that when you know in your heart that you still haven’t forgiven your enemies, then you shouldn’t be singing the Lord’s Prayer like a hypocrite. Instead, you should purse your lips on the part when you singΒ “forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us…”.Β Of course he said that jokingly and we all made fun of how he demonstrated it, but I took it seriously. So from then on, I either reconcile with the person I hurt or who’s hurt me or I do not recite/sing that part as we’ve been told. Funny but true.

So after kissing and making up, chen-ten-nen-nen, we’re back, slapping each other’s butts, pinching each other’s love handles. πŸ˜›

Here are a few other things that made me smile today:

chickboy's turnoes de leche! will try making this soon!
we get excited whenever mercury has this!!! cheap check up!

Yay! He’s 5 months old yet he’s still bansot, but we’d like him to stay bansot and cute rather than grow big because he’s cute like that! He’s our little baby at home and everyone’s stress reliever. He’s spoiled and a bit bratty at times but we all love him, even manang does!!! ❀ such a cutie pie!!!!!!! **grits teeth**

fun week at the ICU with these two: eli and mitch! (grabbed from eli)
this just in, from corny babe! πŸ™‚



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