most toxic OR week everrrrr!

Today, when we came in for 2nd day of duty (a.k.a. Holy Tuesday) in the OR, we did not exactly expect this—->(an OR board full of cases!!)

Funny there was like a 20-second silent glaring that occurred between me and my partner and the board! We just stared silently at the board as if conditioning our minds and bodies for the long day ahead!

Normally, there would be a couple of cases in a day, 5 tops! There was even a time wherein we were assigned to go on PM shift and all we did was go on a movie marathon! We finished Juday and Ryan’s latest MMFF movie and Final Destination 5 all in 1 sitting! HAHA! Good times! But today, it was totally different. It’s as if everyone was rushing to get their procedures done before the doctors go on their respective vacations. My other co-trainees (those who were assigned to go on PM shift today) texted me that as we speak (9pm), they haven’t had dinner yet!! I don’t think they were able to rest long enough as we did today.

My partner, Elisha and I had at least 30 minutes to an hour of breaks in between our procedures (2 circumcisions each). We even had time to eat, brush our teeth, play around, tweet, text and play Un-Block on my phone!!!

Goodness, I wouldn’t even want to think of what’s going to happen to me tomorrow. Elisha will be going to Bohol which leaves me no choice but to go on duty alooooooone!!!! aaaarrrghhhhhh! Although I know I don’t have the right to be bratty and complain about being left alone since I had to leave her alone in the OR twice during our first week there too! Looks like I’m going to have to eat my heart out and move on! Bitter much??!?! πŸ˜› Kidding!

I’m just going to have to look forward to the loooooooooooooooooooooooong weekend to make myself feel better! πŸ˜›

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