how i made your necklace :P

As promised, I’d make a short entry for how I made Bri’s necklace!

Days before I gave this to him, my training partner/co-trainee forever and I went to SM Taytay. She had to have photos of her and her boyfriend printed out for the scrapbook she was making for him (for their anniversary). Then we went to National Bookstore (my favorite store in the world :P) to buy new ballpens (panda ballpens in particular coz the retractable faber castle ballpens were so overrated! ahaha!). As usual, I had to make my rounds (hospital?) and look for interesting finds and true enough, I found this!

It was this pottery clay which hardens into a real clay pot-like finished product when air-dried! This D.I.Y. stuff had other variations. The other two had wood and stone finish(es). Right then and there, the idea of making a batman pendant came into my mind. I’m not sure if I saw this picture first before buying this stuff or vice versa:


Anyway, here’s the finished product! It looks like a grade school-level project (or a preschool project even!), but I was so happy it came out pretty foooyyn! I bought the lace from the Bead Shop in trinoma with bestie and here’s how it looked after!!! (again)

please don’t mind my awesome face here! ๐Ÿ˜›

other D.I.Y. gifts I made for him:

1) this iron on batman logo pillow case I designed myself! (+pillow)

2) the personalized felt phone case (which he barely uses!)ย 

3) the custom-made couple necklace (which unlike the phone case, he loves using)

4) this one was given by my tita (who owns a general merchandise store). She sells these stuff because her store is just beside a school and kids love making these small personalized bracelets. I gave mine to him! ๐Ÿ™‚

p.s. i just realized how much i love CREATING gifts instead of BUYING ready made stuff…………’s much more appreciated (I guess!) plus it’s more fun to do!

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