I think I may never be able to enjoy summer again. Well, not as much as I have in the past years! I can still remember how we’d spend every summer of each year (redundant?) out of town with our whole family (mother’s side). I would anticipate every end of the school year knowing we’d get to spend one weekend (our parents need to go back to work after) together in a private rest house either in laguna or batangas!

Unfortunately, due to more urgent priorities, I guess, we had to allot the money to those and so since then, our annual family outings have long been gone (with the wind :P)!

You know, I really do get overly dramatic most of the time (which I may have inherited from my mother), but I should tell you that I’m still grateful for being blessed with people such as my friends whom I get to spend summer vacations with, in lieu of the cancelled or unplanned family outings haha :P. Though I still miss our family getaways, I do know for a fact that someday, we’d all get to spend our hot, summer days together again!

Hopefully this summer, as I have already planned in my mind:

  • I’d get to spend time with my barkada at the beach or kahit Pililia lang please? haha kapal eh!
  • Go to EK with my siblings and cousins!
  • go on special dates with my college friends! (ehem Joey ehem!)
  • spend time with boyfie too (somewhere we’ve never been before for a change)
  • spend time with family and relatives 🙂


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