comfort food

Do you get this feeling when something’s not right? When you wake up feeling off, like you have a hunch that something bad’s gonna happen? Well today felt like that. Not exactly, but something like that.

I was looking forward to every Thursday of each week for it is our (boyfie and I’s) date day. I woke up early to fix my stuff for work and for “after work”, but I wasn’t feeling all giddy and as excited as the past date days we had.

When I was on my way to the hospital, the thought of our date not pushing through suddenly popped into my mind, but I brushed it off, still thinking that this was going to be a good day. So like the usual days, I got to the hospital on time (like a minute before 6am haha!) and I had 3 patients (an adult who already had discharge orders and 2 kiddies!). So it was safe to say that the day started off fine. I was still looking forward to what we planned after duty.

As the hours passed by, I kind of had this feeling that my partner was ignoring me. A few more hours later, I was sure that she’s mad at me for something I couldn’t figure out. So I decided to just keep myself busy and out of the nurses’ station as much as possible so I could avoid bumping in to her or being left alone with her. Plus, there was patient *03 who kept calling the station instead of using the call light just because they were panicking over the backflow of blood in the patient’s IV line. They kept calling the station for more than 10 times for the very same reason. Goodness, it was tiring and not to mention, annoying, especially since I wasn’t their nurse. Good thing this patient *09 was so sweet, I had a chance of staying in her room for a while when her mom left her alone in her room.

Somehow, I felt a little better because I really love kids and I love kidding kiddies! She told me she didn’t want to be left alone because she was afraid ofΒ ghosts, but I couldn’t stay the whole time inside her room because I had other patients to attend to. So, right before I left her in her room, I taught her how to use the “call light” so she could buzz me when she needed me, but just as I have stepped back into the nurses’s station, she buzzed. I’m glad she did because I had nothing to do yet and I was really feeling a little relieved that today wasn’t that bad at all.

I can tell that out of all the kids that I have handled, she was my favorite. We were giving each other high fives, asking each other’s nicknames before the shift ended. She was even excited for her intravenous antibiotic (which I thought was a bit painful)! Too bad she was discharged late this afternoon (not that I didn’t want her to be sent home!).

OOOooooOoOoh the perks of being a nurse!

Anyhow, still I was feeling a little paranoid so when I had the chance to talk to my partner before we went home, I grabbed the opportunity and poked and asked her if she was mad at me. It was only then that I knew that she wasn’t mad at all. She even told me that she thought that I was too busy to be bothered and I had to admit that I was keeping myself busy on purpose (even though I had not much to do, having only 2 patients in the latter part of the shift).

I had pulled a thorn (out of 2) out of my chest right that very moment! I felt so relieved because I could never stand not being on good terms with someone I work with.

2nd thorn (still intact): our date did not push through due to moderate GI probs (hehe peace B!). I was disappointed and I did not talk to him for 2 hours (as he said), but we’re good now. We’re PM-ing on FB as we speak. πŸ˜› I just had to forget every bad thing that happened today, release all the bad vibes and be happy again! Good thing we can always count on our COMFORT FOOD in times like these. I had to buy a not-so-cheap pint sized mango ice cream, mango float, pancit canton sweet and spicy, strawberry mogu-mogu (all thanks to ministop!) and turon and kamote cue just so I could wallow in self-pity and all that jazz kaartehan! Pero kita niyo naman, Lo and behold, I’m feeling great again!!!!

We could never be always happy but we also cannot always let ourselves feel down. So I make sure that I get to find a way to turn things the other way around and pray (before and after of course πŸ˜‰

March 1 is so unpredictable! Hope it won’t be the same for the rest of the month!