new survey! :)

I used to answer all these questionnaires/surveys on my blog a few years back, when I was in HS (Uso kasi :P). Though I find it ironic that I hate answering surveys especially those given randomly by people conducting studies. Maybe I just don’t find their topics as interesting as those I find online. And I won’t deny the fact that they do help you obtain a bit of self-awareness, despite the questions being superficial (which make them more fun to do!) and all. So here goes another one………..

A. Why my last relationship ended. > Never had a previous relationship!

B. Favourite band. >Bands: Eraserheads, Lifehouse, The Script and many more! BIG FAN OF ALTERNATIVE ROCK!

C. Who I like and why I like them. > family, friends, boyfriend and all those in between 🙂

D. Hardest thing I’ve ever been through. > Losing loved ones. 😦 and NURSING (seriously!)

E. My best friend. > Jacqueline 🙂

F. My favourite movie. > Just Like Heaven, The Italian Job, Serendipity, A Lot Like Love, What Happens in Vegas

G. Sexual orientation. > DAMN STRAIGHT! 😛

H. Do I smoke/drink? > I drink occasionally 😛

I. Have any tattoos or piercings? > one piercing on both ears! Hopefully a tat or two in the future! haha!

J. What I want to be when I get older. > to be successful and genuinely happy 🙂

K. Relationship with my parents. >pretty fun and great 🙂

L. One of my insecurities. > overbite

M. Virgin or not? > virgin!

N. Favourite place to shop at? > thrift stores, dept stores!

O. My eye colour. > brown 🙂

P. Why I hate school. > people I don’t like and vice versa 😛

Q. Relationship status as of right now. > in a relationship 🙂 ❤

R. Favourite song at the moment. > Wish you were here

S. A random fact about myself. > soooooooooper love cheap finds and personalized stuff haha!

T. Age I get mistaken for. > honestly, there wasn’t a time in my life that I asked someone about this!

U. Where I want to be right now. > in heaven, seriously! Was thinking about it in church yesterday!

V. Last time I cried. > OH SHIT, at the hospital and almost everyone knew about it! 😛 KALOKA

W. Concerts I’ve been to. > MYMP lang and a lot of free concerts here and there haha!

X. What would you do if (…)? (you could be free to do anything?) > TRAVEL and PIG OUT!

Y. Do you want to go to college. > I knew I wanted to go to college even before and I’d still want to If I’ve never been to (labo!)

Z. How are you? > Not good, but I’ll be fine, just as long as my lola tests negative for this new illness. 😦

what happened today at Tikling, Taytay, Rizal and at the ER

This week, my partner and I were rotated at the emergency room of MEMC. Since Monday, January 9, we were having on-off, benign-toxic duty days, none were are as serious as today. The worst that I’ve seen so far was a construction worker who injured his hand with a grinder or the woman who fell flat on her face while jogging in the morning. Those were mild (though they were literally bloody) as compared to our patients today.

It was a freak accident no one expected to happen, obviously.

We thought today was the most benign day at the emergency room ever. We were making splints, rolling cotton balls and cutting ER admission forms as early as 9:30 am, which we usually do to kill time productively. We admitted 2 patients and had the rest discharged after they were seen and examined by our resident doctors (one was even a high school batch mate). We weren’t doing anything at all until 11:30am this morning, coincidentally, after our senior staff nurses gave us tips regarding IV insertion, assembling an AMBUBAG and the larygoscope and things to do when serious emergency cases come up.

At 11:30, someone came in yelling while carrying an injured little girl. Then came in another guy carrying the girl’s brother, also panic-stricken. Everyone got up to their feet and we did as we were taught earlier regarding the equipments/instruments to assemble. Just as we were doing our own jobs, a couple came in, both panicky and yelling loudly. They were the parents of the 2 kids that first came in. Then a few minutes later, another man was brought in too. He was a police officer whom I thought was dead since he was carried in via stretcher in prone position. Soon, more patients came in, some were also from the accident and the others were less serious cases. I almost cried a bit when I saw more ambulances rush at the front door of the ER.

It was literally a full house today. We even had to transfer patients with less serious cases just so we could accommodate those in more critical conditions. I think the last patient that came in was the woman who was in the worst condition. All I heard was that she was not immediately recovered from the site of the accident because she was probably lying hidden underneath the vehicles that collided (or something like that). Then my partner texted me just now saying that the woman was the wife of the truck driver. Both died from the crash. I pity this woman, though she came in with paramedics doing chest compressions on her, and the doctors and nurses tried everything to revive her, but it was too late.

6 hours after, here I am, still in shock. We left the emergency room with our kid patients (the more seriously-injured ones) not yet that stable. A few hours after the accident, the boy, whom I thought was the less-seriously-injured one started vomiting and complained of headache and dizziness. Then suddenly, he started to feel lethargic. His heart rate also went down to 60’s. I rushed to him with a kidney basin at hand and then I realized that he must be suffering from increased ICP. Though he did not exactly had projectile vomiting.

So that was what happened on my 4th day at the ER! PHEW! It was heartbreaking yet a bit touching to see the other head nurses from ICU and other wards coming down from their areas and helping out. I was soooooooo much close to tears earlier and I couldn’t help but think that accidents happen all the time and you may not know when or where or how it might happen. Life is that short to waste on anger and hatred and the rest of the bad stuff. I still have 3 weeks and 2 days left at the ER alone. Hopefully, I’d never have to experience this again. Please let us have less accidents and more patient discharges. Oooops, that did not sound right, but you get what I mean!

More updates here:

P.S. Parang starstruck lang, I helped assist one of the victims mentioned in the blog update above to the radiology and CT scan room! Gumaganon? Then this ABS-CBN personnel even went in and asked me if they could bring in the cameras and interview the victims inside the hospital. Too bad they weren’t allowed to.

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