family and friends

Aside from having a boyfriend, I also do have first and foremost, my beloved longtime friends and  my family. I should post a longer entry in the next few days since it’s almost way past my should-be-bedtime… I just want to thank the Lord for giving me such wonderful people who take care of me and love me for who and what I am. There’s no need for me to try to fit in because I effortlessly and truly belong to them.

Thank Lord. I love You above all. Thank you Papa, Mama, Kat and Jus for being the family that cares and supports one another. Thank you lola and all my titos, titas and cousins who were always behind me in both good and bad times. Thank you Nikki, Jannina, Christine, Kristine, Louise, Mellerie and Marion for trying to understand me when no one else would. And to the rest of the people/friends I’ve come to love in such a short time, Fenil, Denise, Mara, Marie Angeline, Carlo, Joanna and my rlemates especially the girlies: Jessica, Johanna, Marivi, Angeli and Corhinne,  and my roomies: Caryn, Angela and Anne thank you!

And to the rest of the people who became part of my life aka my college classmates, teachers, co-trainees etc, thank yooooooooooouuuuuuuuu! God knows how much I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me! Life is wonderful and thus much easier to endure because of you! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Thank you for everything.  🙂

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