I woke up early today (as usual) despite the fact that I woke up several times last night (i know i need to make a care plan for myself: disturbed sleep pattern), because I wanted to save this day to do all the things I love doing one last time. In the next few days, I will become really preoccupied with stuff regarding my upcoming training in a hospital nearby. I was dreading for that day to come, but here I am, no matter how much I wanted to back out from it, trying to make up for whatever I am going to miss in the coming weeks, or months even, in advance! Nauna talaga yung pag-unwind? yung sarap sa hirap?

I will be studying hard tomorrow, for one more pre-qualifying exam in ย another hospital (but I don’t see the point why I still have to) on Monday. And then, I need to brush up on my other notes in preparation for the 2-week lecture before the training for the whole week next week. Then I need to squeeze in all the other appointments (final interview, claiming of prc license and IVT certificate) all in one day next week, most probably on Friday.Then, this Saturday, we will be buying a new set of nurse’s uniforms (white pants, IKR? XD) in Bambang and white washable shoes probably in Pasig Palengke na lang haha!

So before I do all those, I wanted to give myself time to relax and rid my mind of all the worries I have right now (which was probably why I kept on waking up in the middle of the night). So for now, I’m going to watch all the movies and series I found over the weekend. I’m going to publish this, then find inspiring pictures to post this with, then cook, clean, and eat eat eat!!!! I’ll probably do a little bit of hip-hop abs in the afternoon. So I’m all set for today! Goodluck!

P.S. I found this Holstee manifesto on one of the blogs I follow. I didn’t really mind it before, but today, when I visited her blog again, I caught a glimpse of the title of the poster and I looked it up on the internet and found this very inspiring video too! So good morning to me, to us and have a great day ahead! LIFE IS SIMPLE!

Also, I signed up for the meatless monday recipes, but I doubt that I’d be able to cook those since more or less the ingredients won’t be available here, but still, I wanted to try having NO MEAT on MONDAYS!


I think I have written entries about him more than I have written about anyone in this blog. Sige na, You already! But to tell you honestly, I haven’t felt so inspired to write about how I really feel (romantically, that is) especially not about this particular person because more often than not, I’d rather keep my feelings to myself than to be open about it. It’s not easy to spill it out yet since unlike most girls, I find it hard to come clean (not that i’m hiding something wrong or bad). I guess it’s just not that easy to admit to my family, especially to my parents that I finally have a suitor. I know, it seems weird for me to be feeling this nervous or scared when in fact, people get admirers all the time! SHOCKER! Too bad that’s not how we roll in this family (parang gangster lang eh). You see, in all my 21 years of existence, I haven’t experienced “this” before. Sure, there were a few who might have been attracted but never in my life have I been courted seriously. So I wouldn’t really know how to deal with this awkwardness and all the teasing and sudden strictness of my parents.ย Ako na ang panget, I know, but now that someone has finally shown sincere interest, not to mention, patience, I get this feeling that my parents disapprove of it, plus it I know it wouldn’t help that we have this 3 year age gap and that he lives too faaaaaaaaaaaar away from me. I know the last two were a bit exaggerated but still, those were reasons why I have thought of not giving this a chance before, but not anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚

Despite these teleserye-like scenarios of our love story (love story agad? di ba pwedeng kwento lang muna?), we became really good friends. At first, it was hard to believe everything that he said. I did not like getting compliments especially from someone I barely knew so I kept dodging his siopao hirits (as I like to call them) and never really took them seriously. I never really expected anyone to be attracted to me this way. I obviously know what I look like so I’ve always had little confidence in myself (thanks to uber perfect-looking girls out there) so I would know for sure if someone was telling the truth or not, and I wanted to believe that he wasn’t. But thanks to the nightly pep talks I got from my friends (ehem ehem, hi again Johnny!!) and having been brought up to respect everyone, I politely gave him a chance and surprisingly, I gave in to his pangungulit.ย After a few months, here we are, instant sooooooooper close friends.

Last week, he told me how his family, especially his mom, would really like to meet me in person. He also always tells me how they approve of me and I feel sooooo touched everytime he tells me so. I never expected all of this to happen since it still feels like yesterday when he first talked to me online and sent me the birthday song he made. ๐Ÿ™‚ It still doesn’t seem like it’s almost been a year since I met him and now, I feel like just a day of not talking to him will drive me cuuurazzzzeeee!! OA ALERT! OA ALERT!

I don’t know how to say this and I know it may totally weird you out to know that we already tell how much we love each other everyday, and we’re not even a (BFGF) couple yet. All I know is that he inspires me and he is my first and I would not want to fall in love again, not if it’s not with him. For now, I’m just praying, hoping and looking forward to more time and hopefully a lifetime with him…gumaganon?!?!?!?!?!

P.S. Johnny girly, kayo lang ni Nikkiboy nakakaalam ah? hahahahhaha gusto ko lang talaga magsulat about it, kalokaaaaaa! hahahahahha! patawad! ๐Ÿ˜›


We used to go to only 2 cemeteries back in the day (yehes, akala angtanda na!), back when we were young, one in Pasig where our grandparents (papa’s parents) were buried and one in Novaliches, where our tito and greatgrandparents (mama’s brother and grandparents) were. Then came 2005, my lolo died and had to be buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig and then that same year or the next year ata?, my tita (papa’s sister) also died and was buried in Pateros. So from then on, we had to go visit them all.

This year, our parents decided to visit the three cemeteries (Pasig, Pateros and Taguig) all in one day so we could spend more time with our relatives (mother’s side) in Novaliches because that’s what we do yearly. We used to spend separate days in each of those cemeteries, but this year, they (parents) had to go back to work on Nov. 2, so that’s what they thought was convenient for us all.

Also, every year, my parents would also make our very own flowers for the dead. I think It has been 3 years since they started doing this to save money, so they’d buy flowers, baskets, those green foams (where they stick the flowers into) and different leaves (para mukhang gawa sa labas haha) in dangwa. And syempre, we’d also like to help and try to outdo each other in making our own floral arrangements. Unfortunately this year, we woke up too late to help. ๐Ÿ˜›

So anyway, this year, we culminated the short vacation in our favorite cemetery, Forest Park in Novaliches!! This has got to be my favorite since we get to spend time with our relatives there, and we also get to play around since the cemetery is HUUUUUGE and there would always be lots of food booths and toy vendors around selling all these fun, colorful toys that would light up and look great at night; and being a big fan of toys, I had to unleash my inner kid in me and try those toys each year. Never gets old. In all those years we spent together as a family during All Saint’s Day, I’m proud to say that I have tried flying a kite, riding a motorcycle (yung small type lang hehe) and playing habulan and all those fun toys there at this age of 21!

So there, another fun day with my family. I’d never trade those times with anything else. It was so nice having to catch up and joke around with everybody. I wish it was always like this, like we have no problems/worries at all. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, here are some of the more vain pictures of us (every event is photoshoot worthy!) before we prayed for our lolo and lola at the cemetery #1! Other pictures to follow since our dsl is acting up again! CIAO!


with justin bieber (according to mama)!!!!! papa’s eternal long hair!



Here are my parents, take note, they were still cool, calm and chillaxing with my sister panira (at the back, who just bought chowking’s chicharap!)

then, when the sun came out, they were forced to move to a much cooler place….

still couldn’t decide where to position themselves!! it was so funny watching them the whole time!!! WAAAAA


and finally, here they were, now less irritated……haha


if you have relatives buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani or Heritage Park, you’d know that there would be airplanes

DAY 1 DINNER at market! market!


Here is a boy selling those little toys I’ve mentioned earlier….

here we are, the old ones, trying out the toy!!!!!

Here were our neighbors in the cemetery wearing the soooper mabentang headband. It was so funny seeing so many of these around. Parang nasa impyerno lang hahahaha!

beautiful pictures taken by papa, bro and by yours truly!!