what got me excited! XD

It’s been a long time since I last visited Diana Agron’s blog and lo and behold, I found one of her latest entries to be one of the most pleasing to thy ears. Though I know I may or may not want to send anything, or may or may not know what to talk about, I’m still thinking about it. After all, she said it herself, there’s no need to hurry! 😛 KAPAL EH!

chicklit love

I’m not much of a bookworm, though I’m a big fan of non-fiction literary pieces ranging from book compilations of short, real-life, inspiring stories to funny, real life anecdotes of ordinary people, to plain contemporary non-fiction type of books. Maybe I was too impatient to read long, dragging novels or maybe I was too content with having to read books in just one sitting (which dates back to grade school years when I used to love reading compiled horror stories) which is why I am more interested and giggly at the sight of these types of books.

This one I got a hardbound copy of from Booksale for a whopping Php45 only! ata? and it’s a compilation of short and funny anecdotes of the author herself.

This one is surprisingly, a novel, which I downloaded an ebook version of, and mind you, I think it’s probably the wildest (if you know what I mean) book I’ve read so far, but also one of the most romantic of all! ❤

At around 2002-2003, came the awkward teenage years when I learned to read a bit of fictional, young adult books (thanks to classmates who were generous enough to share their collections of Sweet Valley High/Middle School books). Later on, I discovered another genre of much interesting reads——-the amazing ‘chicklits’. If I’m not mistaken, I think I read my very first romance novel back in high school, thanks to my good friend, Christine who lent me her copy of “the Breakup Diaries” (I think). Thanks to that very instant too, I learned to love Philippine contemporary literature. I got addicted to the rest of the Summit Books and bought whatever I thought was appealing in terms of  book illustrations/design and syempre, the synopsis at the back. I can even remember being excited, exchanging insights about these books with my 3rd year HS seatmate, Pochay. Also, my sister, Kat also influenced me into reading this one book titled “Drama Queen” (also by Summit Media) which by far became one of my/our favorites because of it’s intensity 10 kakilig ending!

i encircled the ones we already bought and the last one on the right of the 2nd row is our fave!

Fast forward to the present time, I still buy and read books by local authors, however, I found myself taking interest in romantic novels written by foreign writers BIGTIME! Thanks to Booksale, I found a couple of dirt cheap novels that tickled my hopeless romantic heart. Then, when I discovered the joy of downloading ebooks online. I couldn’t help but fill up my disk space with TONS of free copies of books of different genres. I was able to download Paolo Coelho‘s novels and so were Nicholas Sparks‘ and Neil Gaiman‘s! I even downloaded and read the entire book 6 of Harry Potter on my ever dependable laptop! Imagine having to take pleasure in reading your all time favorite novels without having to burn your pockets!

Today, our 1 week lecture was culminated with our evaluation exam. Phew! We finished a little before 2pm and I headed straight to Ever  Ortigas! Sadly, I wasn’t able to buy a book since I am saving up for the repair of my laptop’s charger. Good thing my trip to National Bookstore didn’t exactly suck seeing a lot of new books I could save up for next week!

First of all, I discovered these cute-colored novels of the Little Black Dress books with fancy illustrations—-hundreds of them on the teen-lit section. They were all priced at Php255 and they were all pretty interesting. I think I spent more than an hour reading almost all the books’ synopses!

click on the pic to view the site

Then there was Alexandra Potter and her equally eye-catching novels.

This one I was itching to buy because I was so interested with the plot (it’s a rom-com :)))). Unfortunately, I really was prioritizing my laptop repair so much I had to control my urge to buy it.

click on the image to view her site

Then there was the book I was eyeing for the longest time, “Kapitan B”, which I would most probably be buying 2-3 weeks from now, if God forbids!

Long story short, I was “craving” for a new romantic novel, something with a bit of comic relief (since I’m a sucker for rom-coms) to help me unwind especially  in the weeks to come. I’m scared I’ll drive myself crazy if I don’t find something to amuse myself with! 😛