This day is obviously one of most-anticipated and most celebrated day of this year, or ever, since it will only come once in this lifetime. I for one don’t even know what to do to make this day meaningful, so I could at least write something interesting for once, but sad to say, all I am going to do today is probably study and make a wish twice, one at 11:11 am and one at 11:11 pm. When are you even supposed to wish exactly? Would both wishes count or would the other wish be cancelled out if you wish for the 2nd time at night? Can I have more than 10 wishes at each time, long as I could say everything before the minute ends? How does it work? Sugapa sa wish much?

Also, tonight there’s going to be this lantern lighting ceremony at Banchetto and I wish I could go see it or just watch it even from afar. Kita kaya yun sa Antipolo or dito sa bahay? Asa pa.  Unfortunately, I probably cannot go out again tonight. I thought my siblings are gonna go there like what they always do on Friday nights, but sadly, they said they wouldn’t. I would’ve gone with them this time if that’s so. Plus, my friend, Christine even planned a party tonight just because this day is that special, but I couldn’t go either, so………..

But I wouldn’t wanna mope around all day, after all, it’s a really special day and it’s up to me if I would let it pass uneventfully or not! I could always ride a jeepney to Antipolo or Taytay and see if the lanterns look good from afar. Hmmmmmm, should I? Kidding aside, I could just study real good today so that at least I know I did something productive on this 11th day of November 2011. LOOOOOOOOOOOSERRRR!!! HAHA! 😛 😉