I woke up early today (as usual) despite the fact that I woke up several times last night (i know i need to make a care plan for myself: disturbed sleep pattern), because I wanted to save this day to do all the things I love doing one last time. In the next few days, I will become really preoccupied with stuff regarding my upcoming training in a hospital nearby. I was dreading for that day to come, but here I am, no matter how much I wanted to back out from it, trying to make up for whatever I am going to miss in the coming weeks, or months even, in advance! Nauna talaga yung pag-unwind? yung sarap sa hirap?

I will be studying hard tomorrow, for one more pre-qualifying exam in  another hospital (but I don’t see the point why I still have to) on Monday. And then, I need to brush up on my other notes in preparation for the 2-week lecture before the training for the whole week next week. Then I need to squeeze in all the other appointments (final interview, claiming of prc license and IVT certificate) all in one day next week, most probably on Friday.Then, this Saturday, we will be buying a new set of nurse’s uniforms (white pants, IKR? XD) in Bambang and white washable shoes probably in Pasig Palengke na lang haha!

So before I do all those, I wanted to give myself time to relax and rid my mind of all the worries I have right now (which was probably why I kept on waking up in the middle of the night). So for now, I’m going to watch all the movies and series I found over the weekend. I’m going to publish this, then find inspiring pictures to post this with, then cook, clean, and eat eat eat!!!! I’ll probably do a little bit of hip-hop abs in the afternoon. So I’m all set for today! Goodluck!

P.S. I found this Holstee manifesto on one of the blogs I follow. I didn’t really mind it before, but today, when I visited her blog again, I caught a glimpse of the title of the poster and I looked it up on the internet and found this very inspiring video too! So good morning to me, to us and have a great day ahead! LIFE IS SIMPLE!

Also, I signed up for the meatless monday recipes, but I doubt that I’d be able to cook those since more or less the ingredients won’t be available here, but still, I wanted to try having NO MEAT on MONDAYS!

12 thoughts on “th-th-thursdaaay!!

  1. 1) When are you going to Bambang or Pasig Palengke and who you going with?

    2) I think I like that “Meatless Monday” thing 🙂 thanks for uploading!


      1. YEZZIR 😀 Maganda!! Alam ko na secret sa mga Ukay stores. Doon ka pala dapat pumunta sa mga hindi kilalang Ukay. Para magaganda natitira. Sa mga kilala kasi, marami ka na kaagaw.

        May friend si Joi, si Ochie (UST Med siya now), sa Sta. Lu daw siya naguukay eh!


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