Nikki discovered their “BY CHANCE” video while we were watching the Nestle Habambuhay Kasambahay short films online. I was probably too hooked to the Nestle videos to notice theirs. But I wasn’t disappointed because the first time I watched it, I fell in love with them instantly. I found them cute and inspiring (in a way that they make love seem so less complicated and enjoyable), plus, this video was well-thought of, the editing wasn’t bad either and it was based on their real life love story (I think) so even though Nikki and I were hesitating to at first, we eventually had to “like” their page on FB and from then on, Yes! I admit it, I became a fan! hahaaha!

If you look at their facebook page, you’ll know how famous these two have become. It’s really amazing what youtube does to people’s lives! They even had mall tours, tv/radio guestings already! CRAZY! Anyway, here are Jam Sebastian and Pao Liggayu and their beautiful story……

Recently, I found out (via their FB account) that they made another video. Though this one wasn’t based on true events anymore and it didn’t have a happy ending, it was still worth watching. πŸ˜›

And here are some of the videos they also made , most of which were school projects (ata?) and others were probably made just for fun:

This last one is a compilation of their pictures, made by a fan (ata ulit..haha). It’s so lovely, I cannot help but smile πŸ™‚Β :

love love love is in the air……..weh πŸ˜›

One hour later…………………………I found the inspiration for their “by chance” video, here’s “strangers, again”

and I just realized that these were very similar videos…. the concept and the storyline were the same. I guess I didn’t pay much attention to the last part of Jamich’s video before. hahahhaha

10 thoughts on “jamich!

  1. Familiar yung first video! Parang yung Friends to Strangers na video na super naging viral sa FB. Pero hindi ko sure kung yun yung tamang title ah :)) Basta sa ibang bansa yung vid!! Ginamit rin ‘yung line na parang “two things lang yan, either you stay or you go”….

    Hindi ko matandaan ang name ng vid!! Wah!


      1. oks lang, halos pareho lang naman yung concept ng videos nila kaya nga mejo nainis ako na ginaya lang pala nila (halos), chaka, bakit, napraning ka?? pero oonga kasi halos lahat nga ng relationships ganun yung start nga naman, iba-iba lang ng ending……..hmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh no napraning naaaaaa hahahahahha


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