I think I have written entries about him more than I have written about anyone in this blog. Sige na, You already! But to tell you honestly, I haven’t felt so inspired to write about how I really feel (romantically, that is) especially not about this particular person because more often than not, I’d rather keep my feelings to myself than to be open about it. It’s not easy to spill it out yet since unlike most girls, I find it hard to come clean (not that i’m hiding something wrong or bad). I guess it’s just not that easy to admit to my family, especially to my parents that I finally have a suitor. I know, it seems weird for me to be feeling this nervous or scared when in fact, people get admirers all the time! SHOCKER! Too bad that’s not how we roll in this family (parang gangster lang eh). You see, in all my 21 years of existence, I haven’t experienced “this” before. Sure, there were a few who might have been attracted but never in my life have I been courted seriously. So I wouldn’t really know how to deal with this awkwardness and all the teasing and sudden strictness of my parents.Β Ako na ang panget, I know, but now that someone has finally shown sincere interest, not to mention, patience, I get this feeling that my parents disapprove of it, plus it I know it wouldn’t help that we have this 3 year age gap and that he lives too faaaaaaaaaaaar away from me. I know the last two were a bit exaggerated but still, those were reasons why I have thought of not giving this a chance before, but not anymore. πŸ™‚

Despite these teleserye-like scenarios of our love story (love story agad? di ba pwedeng kwento lang muna?), we became really good friends. At first, it was hard to believe everything that he said. I did not like getting compliments especially from someone I barely knew so I kept dodging his siopao hirits (as I like to call them) and never really took them seriously. I never really expected anyone to be attracted to me this way. I obviously know what I look like so I’ve always had little confidence in myself (thanks to uber perfect-looking girls out there) so I would know for sure if someone was telling the truth or not, and I wanted to believe that he wasn’t. But thanks to the nightly pep talks I got from my friends (ehem ehem, hi again Johnny!!) and having been brought up to respect everyone, I politely gave him a chance and surprisingly, I gave in to his pangungulit.Β After a few months, here we are, instant sooooooooper close friends.

Last week, he told me how his family, especially his mom, would really like to meet me in person. He also always tells me how they approve of me and I feel sooooo touched everytime he tells me so. I never expected all of this to happen since it still feels like yesterday when he first talked to me online and sent me the birthday song he made. πŸ™‚ It still doesn’t seem like it’s almost been a year since I met him and now, I feel like just a day of not talking to him will drive me cuuurazzzzeeee!! OA ALERT! OA ALERT!

I don’t know how to say this and I know it may totally weird you out to know that we already tell how much we love each other everyday, and we’re not even a (BFGF) couple yet. All I know is that he inspires me and he is my first and I would not want to fall in love again, not if it’s not with him. For now, I’m just praying, hoping and looking forward to more time and hopefully a lifetime with him…gumaganon?!?!?!?!?!

P.S. Johnny girly, kayo lang ni Nikkiboy nakakaalam ah? hahahahhaha gusto ko lang talaga magsulat about it, kalokaaaaaa! hahahahahha! patawad! πŸ˜›