We used to go to only 2 cemeteries back in the day (yehes, akala angtanda na!), back when we were young, one in Pasig where our grandparents (papa’s parents) were buried and one in Novaliches, where our tito and greatgrandparents (mama’s brother and grandparents) were. Then came 2005, my lolo died and had to be buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig and then that same year or the next year ata?, my tita (papa’s sister) also died and was buried in Pateros. So from then on, we had to go visit them all.

This year, our parents decided to visit the three cemeteries (Pasig, Pateros and Taguig) all in one day so we could spend more time with our relatives (mother’s side) in Novaliches because that’s what we do yearly. We used to spend separate days in each of those cemeteries, but this year, they (parents) had to go back to work on Nov. 2, so that’s what they thought was convenient for us all.

Also, every year, my parents would also make our very own flowers for the dead. I think It has been 3 years since they started doing this to save money, so they’d buy flowers, baskets, those green foams (where they stick the flowers into) and different leaves (para mukhang gawa sa labas haha) in dangwa. And syempre, we’d also like to help and try to outdo each other in making our own floral arrangements. Unfortunately this year, we woke up too late to help. πŸ˜›

So anyway, this year, we culminated the short vacation in our favorite cemetery, Forest Park in Novaliches!! This has got to be my favorite since we get to spend time with our relatives there, and we also get to play around since the cemetery is HUUUUUGE and there would always be lots of food booths and toy vendors around selling all these fun, colorful toys that would light up and look great at night; and being a big fan of toys, I had to unleash my inner kid in me and try those toys each year. Never gets old. In all those years we spent together as a family during All Saint’s Day, I’m proud to say that I have tried flying a kite, riding a motorcycle (yung small type lang hehe) and playing habulan and all those fun toys there at this age of 21!

So there, another fun day with my family. I’d never trade those times with anything else. It was so nice having to catch up and joke around with everybody. I wish it was always like this, like we have no problems/worries at all. πŸ™‚

Anyway, here are some of the more vain pictures of us (every event is photoshoot worthy!) before we prayed for our lolo and lola at the cemetery #1! Other pictures to follow since our dsl is acting up again! CIAO!


with justin bieber (according to mama)!!!!! papa’s eternal long hair!



Here are my parents, take note, they were still cool, calm and chillaxing with my sister panira (at the back, who just bought chowking’s chicharap!)

then, when the sun came out, they were forced to move to a much cooler place….

still couldn’t decide where to position themselves!! it was so funny watching them the whole time!!! WAAAAA


and finally, here they were, now less irritated……haha


if you have relatives buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani or Heritage Park, you’d know that there would be airplanes

DAY 1 DINNER at market! market!


Here is a boy selling those little toys I’ve mentioned earlier….

here we are, the old ones, trying out the toy!!!!!

Here were our neighbors in the cemetery wearing the soooper mabentang headband. It was so funny seeing so many of these around. Parang nasa impyerno lang hahahaha!

beautiful pictures taken by papa, bro and by yours truly!!