#5. Weird things you do when you’re alone…

Being a bum these days can turn you into a potential psych patient (no offense meant) so I try to keep myself preoccupied as much as possible. Give me a mirror, a little privacy, make up and camera, and I promise you, I’ll survive…….

So our house help’s granddaughter used to stay here at home to keep her lola company and being a kid, normally, everything she sees and hears (on tv or from us, older people), she’d try to imitate. Also, kids being magical thinkers and having wild imaginations, I often catch her talking to herself while playing with her toys. I did not think that it was that big a deal because just as I’ve said, it’s normal. And we haven’t had kids at home for a long time so I wouldn’t really know what goes on in the mind of kids (aside from the things we’ve studied in pedia). Anyway, what I was really annoyed at was her becoming a brat. It was irritating. She even yells at her own lola! I know I shouldn’t be hurt when she occasionally yells at me telling me to get out of “her” house and I know I should be mature enough to surrender the remote control when she wants to watch her favorite teleseryes in the afternoon, but she mostly just pissed me off (even though at times, I still found her cute and adorable and I’m her only playmate at home since Kat, my sis also gets easily pissed off by her haha). So to cut the long story short, more often than not, I would find myself irritated by the kid’s overly dramatic attitude. She acts and speaks as if part of a teleserye. She has an attitude even I cannot tolerate. She is the epitome of a real, little spoiled maldita, but what bothers me is the fact that I can actually see myself in her!!!!! (kung maka-segue, ang haba!).

Though I admit, she’s like 10,000 notches higher when it comes to acting, but just the same, I like throwing dramatic lines myself when I’m left alone in front of a mirror. At first, I’d just sneak a few glances at the mirror, then before I know it, I’d be standing right in front of it and almost close to tears, would act as if I was in a teleserye myself. Disgusting, I know, but those are the most freeing moments of my life. I finally get to be an actress (though it was never my dream to be one) even just for a while.

Aside from that, I also like dancing (hiphop, sexy dance, disco dance-sinauna hahahahaha even ballet, you name it, i’ve done it), singing (when accompanied by a guitar, I feel the urge to really sing my lungs out (even when I’m not alone since my sister and I share a room haha) yung tipong may kulot kulot pa hahahaha! I also like looking at (or more like examining) my half naked body in front of the mirror (not weird, I know). I also like playing dress up and wear the clothes we don’t get to wear on normal days and do a random photoshoot! I also like putting on make-up (not weird), but I often end up putting bruise-like marks on my face (as if I got into a fight with Manny Pacquiao) using make up, then I’d take pictures of myself (now, that’s weird)! haha! What I also love doing when I’m alone is inventing new dishes! It has always been my dream to cook when I was young (kitamona, gaya-gaya rin sa matatanda nung bata), but I was never given a chance to, but when we got old enough to turn on the gas stove by ourselves and having a hungry tummy all the time, I got to invent my own food! It was my tito Nap (mama’s youngest bro) who inspired me to whip up dishes with whatever’s available at home. Even yucky looking food turn out to be soooooooper yummy (magbuhat ng bangko?).

So there, most of them are pretty normal, but those are the things I find myself doing to keep me sane! Hopefully, I get to discover weirder stuff to do when left alone like making water bombs and trashing my neighbor’s house. WEH WEH!

One thought on “#5. Weird things you do when you’re alone…

  1. I think lalo magiging spoiled ‘yung kid if hindi mo siya pagsasabihan and if lagi mo ibibigay remote kapag gusto niya manuod.

    Nagulat ako sa fact na sinisigawan ka niya at inaangkin ang bahay niyo. Kahit na ba bata pa ‘yan, naniniwala ako na dapat may isip at kahihiyan ang nanay niya para turuan siya ng magandang asal. Diba? Or kahit man lang ang lola, mahiya naman sana na ganun ang lumalabas sa bibig ng apo nila.

    Grabe na talaga mga bata ngayon.


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